15 Idols Who Say BTS’s V Is Their Role Model

15 Idols Who Say BTS’s V Is Their Role Model

These idols named V as their role model.

V is a famous member of BTS and known for his amazing skills in dancing, singing, and acting.

His immense spectrum of talents has inspired these 15 idols, as they have named V as their role model. Check it below:

1. Beomgyu (TXT)

Beomgyu, who is from the same company as BTS and V, has been vocal about his love for his sunbaes—especially V. On TXT‘s official Instagram account, he expressed how honored he was to see “Singularity” performed live and how it reminded him to work even harder. In an interview with W Korea, he calls V his biggest inspiration, saying that V would give him important advice as a trainee.

2. Taekhyeon (formerly of 1THE9)

Taekhyun has stated that he looks up to BTS’s V. He has explained that it is because he is a sunbae who looks good on stage, and he wishes to be just like that when he performs.

3. Yunmin (Newkidd)

During Newkidd‘s showcase, Yunmin said that he respected BTS, especially V. He even cutely said that he hopes in the future, he’ll have a chance to take a photo with him!

4. Jinsung (formerly of 1THE9)

Jinsung revealed that he is a fan of BTS’s V, even saying on MBC IDOL RADIO that his phone alarm is V’s solo song “4 O’Clock”. His phone background also happens to be of the BTS member!

5. Haruto (Treasure 13)

Haruto of the yet-to-debut YG Entertainment boy group Treasure 13 showed off his fanboy side when a fan spotted him at the airport, looking at his phone. What was he looking at? V’s teaser for “Boy With Luv”!

6. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon has been very vocal about his love for BTS’s V, even saying that he likes him on Happy Together. He has been a fan of V since his trainee days, saying that he saw how passionate he was on stage and became inspired to be an idol.

In fact, during his second visit to the show, he was known to be a BTS’s V fan!

V is aware of Park Jihoon looking up him and has offered to meet up with him and play games. Park Jihoon has stated the two have done so and are now gaming buddies!

7. Hyunmin (RAINZ)

Hyunmin has expressed his love for V on social media, posting a self-drawn portrait of V on to his Twitter account. The caption reads, “BTS V sunbaemin that I admire. I’m always cheering for you! #From_ARMY_Hyunmin“.

8. Younghoon (THE BOYZ)

Younghoon is known to be a huge fan of V, calling him his role model. In the past, he even dedicated a video letter to him! He even had V as his lock screen. He admires the BTS member for how well he sings, acts, and dances.

The two have since gotten close, with V gifting Younghoon a BT21 Tata plushie! Younghoon has stated that he brings the plushie everywhere with him since his favorite sunbae gave it to him!

9. Jangjun (Golden Child)

During an interview with “The Star”, the members of Golden Child were asked who would they switch bodies with. Jangjun answered that he would switch lives with BTS’s V!

10. Bao (LUCENTE)

During their showcase, Bao revealed that he was a huge fan of V. He’s such a fan, that he always takes V’s part when the band is covering BTS’s songs!

11. Choi Byungchan (VICTON)

Byungchan showed off how much he loved BTS’s V during a video in which he mentioned that VICTON took a photo with BTS. He couldn’t help but gush over V, saying that his voice was amazing and even said he loved him!

12. Jaehyun (Golden Child)

During an interview with CeCi magazine, Jaehyun chose BTS’s V as his style role model. He admires V’s airport fashion and that his outfits are always coordinated. Jaehyun has stated that he wishes to be able to dress as well as him and that he even references V’s airport photos for his own fashion choices!

13. Yeosang (ATEEZ)

During a live broadcast, Yeosang was asked who his role models were. He mentioned BTS’s V as well as NCT‘s Taeyong. He then explained that he thinks V’s gesture, talent, and facial expressions are the best and he would like to be like that as well in the future.

14. Mingi (ATEEZ)

During another broadcast, Mingi, the lead dancer of ATEEZ, has stated that he was inspired to dance because of BTS’s V. He claims that the BTS member became his motivation to dance. Member Yunho confirms this, saying that V has really influenced Mingi’s dancing.

15. Koo Jungmo (CRAVITY)

Koo Jungmo revealed BTS’s V was his role model on a live broadcast, saying that he saw him perform and thought it was so cool to see him on stage. He explains that because of how great V was on stage and how he made the audience captivated by him, Koo Jungmo then dreamed of being an idol like him.