13 Sultry Hottest K-Pop Choreographies That Were Beautifully Staged

13 Sultry Hottest K-Pop Choreographies That Were Beautifully Staged

Choreography is an important part of any K-pop song. It not only completes the lyrics with its precise and interpretive moves, but it’s also a visual delight. Furthermore, many great performances have left their mark with their amazing key point dances that simply left everyone stunning

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the hottest choreographies that were beautifully staged.

1. EXO – “Love Shot”

The first one is EXO’s captivating performance of “Love Shot.” The dance moves are laid-back and immaculate, reflecting the intensity of the lyrics with sexy written all over them. Plus, the members pulling this performance off while wearing suits is the cherry on top.

2. Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi – “Monster”

Irene and Seulgi introduced their inner dance monster in this MV. The dance moves oscillate between seductive and fierce, with the girls wearing a poker face that pretty much sets the tone for the choreography.

3. Chungha – “Play”

This flamboyant act comes as no surprise coming from a dancer-turned-idol. Chungha causes a huge impression with her Latin-infused dance number, which she pulled off flawlessly. Truly, this performance is so hot.

4. Wonho – “Open Mind”

It is fair to say that Wonho's solo debut is quite impressive. While the moves could come off a bit strong, the overall view with his stage presence and charisma makes this an alluring stage that will definitely be stuck inside your mind for a while.

5. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – “Maria”

Hwasa often includes elements of sensuality in her dance routines, and she shines even brighter when she performs live. The video below shows a bold and foxy Hwasa taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions with her vibrant dance skills.

6. Ga In – “Paradise Lost”

Ga In needs no introduction as her career encapsulates daring concepts. One such example is her comeback with “Paradise Lost,” where she introduced a choreography that is nothing short of tempting.

7. SHINee’s Taemin – “Move”

Taemin got the rhythm, the groove, and the sex appeal. This masterpiece of his mesmerized everyone upon its release. It is fair to say that the king of contemporary dance is also the king of breaking gender norms.

8. SISTAR – “I Like That”

All hail the queens of sexy summer concepts. SISTAR has always brought fresh and dazzling dance moves to the table that simply dropped jaws every single time, and this one is no different. The choreography for “I Like That” is a mix of chic and seductive in a scenery that is simply ethereal.

9. BTS – “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

When “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” came out, everybody lost their minds, for good reasons. Every detail of the dance routine screams delicate, sultry, and overall enchanting. While BTS is known for delivering hardcore choreographies, this one takes the throne for adding sexy to the list.

10. Sunmi – “Gashina”

This one is for the books! The incredible glamour that emits from Sunmi as she enacts “Gashina” is simply amazing. Every step she takes marks a statement of sensuality that she boldly flaunts on stage.

11. (G)I-DLE – “Oh My God”

This goosebump-worthy song comes with an equally chilling choreography that brings out the sexy in (G)I-DLE with a gothic touch. The entire performance rightfully bears its name as every dance scene will have you saying “Oh My God.”

12. Girl’s Day – “Something”

This 2014 gem undeniably owns a spot in this feature. The slow-paced choreography from Girl’s Day is truly something. The dance moves are as meticulous as they are sultry, leaving viewers speechless without a doubt.

13. CL – “Hello Bitches”

Confidence? Check. Charisma? Check. Choreography? Double-check. “Hello Bitches” is one of CL’s gutsiest dance performances, and she’s proven it every single time she took it to the stage. Plus, her sexiness shoots through the roof in the number she delivers towards the end of the performance video. That’s the baddest female for you!