At 6 p.m KST on July 15th, Jung Eunji released the entire song of her fourth mini-album “Simple,” including the title track “Away.”

The title track “Away” is a song made solely for the soloist. In the lyrics she wrote herself, she wrote a message of consolation to everyone who is living a busy life and herself. In particular, the lyrics she wrote seem to have shifted the feelings she is feeling now, even conveying the feeling of looking inside.


“Simple” is an album that means that simple is the most beautiful, and it contains the singer’s desire to live simply and easily by putting down difficult things while living in a complicated, thought-rich world. Eunji, who released her digital single “Be Together” with 10cm in April last year, has returned to her emotions that have grown one step further in a year and three months.

Jung Eunji, who has been running nonstop for 10 years since her debut and is now able to look back, asks herself through “Away,” “How much have I run toward the vague ideal?“. However, her strong will to “Leave here for a while, until there is more power to rise again,” without despair or disappointment, is conveyed through the solid voice.


The soloist put her thoughts in “Away” and “Simple” during her one-year and three-month time to prepare the album. It is expected that music fans will sympathize with the story that life may be more beautiful sometimes when it is taken away.

Check out the music video of ‘Away’ here: