NU’EST’s Minhyun showed off the elegant, dreamlike beauty of ‘Swarovski’s ‘Zodiac Collection‘ for the September cover of ‘1st Look‘!

In each of his preview cuts, Minhyun displayed the undeniable aura of a perfect being, accentuating the shining pieces of the ‘Zodiac Collection’. During his interview following the pictorial, Minhyun talked about how nervous he was for his first-ever acting role in ‘Live On‘. He recalled, “I was shaking during the first script reading because of nerves. I tried to prepare myself for the first filming by practicing and reading the script over and over, but I was still shaking. Right now, I’ve become more accustomed and I’m enjoying the filming.” 

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Minhyun then also opened up about anything stressful in his life at the moment. He said, “I’m not the type to be stressed out easily, but because of my drama filming, I’m controlling my diet. Before bed every night, I watch mukbang videos. I absolutely love eating ramyeon. But if you eat it, your face gets swollen the next day. So I’ve been watching ramyeon mukbang videos instead.” 

Finally, Minhyun talked about his sense of self-confidence, thinking back to his childhood when he was first cast to become an idol trainee. He commented, “Deep inside, I’ve always had faith that I would do well. Even after I debuted, I’ve always had faith in me.” 

Check out previews of Minhyun in the September edition of ‘1st Look’, below.