11 Best Winter Songs K-Pop Fans Must Listen To On Christmas Eve

11 Best Winter Songs K-Pop Fans Must Listen To On Christmas Eve

Every Christmas season, these winter songs by Korean idol groups and artists gain a huge number of streams on many platforms.

In just a few hours, the Christmas Eve will come, bringing various emotions to everybody. At times like these, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of tea and listening to wonderful winter songs performed by our favorite artists. Here are 11 special Christmas songs that K-Pop fans definitely shouldn't forget!


LABOUM - 'Winter Story'

A 64-person orchestra contributed to the rich sound of the song 'Winter Story' released by LABOUM in 2016. The members' sweet voices created a song that is sure to make you feel like you are lost in the middle of a winter fairytale!

GOT7 - 'Miracle'

Contrary to the brighter vibes from the group's previous winter song 'Confession Song', this song released by GOT7 is an emotional ballad, with the lyrics about the magic moment fans entered the members' lives. The story behind it and the lyrics can make you shed tears.

Red Velvet - 'Wish Tree'

In 2015, Red Velvet released the single 'Wish Tree' as part of SM Entertainment's 'Winter Garden' project. The members 'sweet voices when performing a pop ballad about this desire to always be with a loved one will surely make fans' hearts melt.

EXO - 'Miracle In December'

EXO released a special winter album almost every eyar since 'Miracles in December' in 2013. So fans have a lot of choices from EXO songs to include in the playlist.

BTOB - 'The Winter's Tale'

Composed by two members Hyunsik and Ilhoon, 'The Winter's Tale' is a medium-tempo song with a sweet and charismatic melody. The lyrics convey the desire of a guy who wants to see his ex-lover happy even though he still has feelings for her. BTOB's choreography for this song is also adorable!

Zion.T - 'Snow' (Feat. Lee Moon Sae)

The unique vocals of Zion.T and Lee Moon Sae combined create an unforgettable song as soon as it was released in 2017. 'Snow' is considered a perfect song to listen on a cold day, with a cup of hot chocolate. The song will definitely make you feel warmer on Christmas holidays!

SNSD-TaeTiSeo - 'Dear Santa'

SNSD's unit TaeTiSeo received a lot of love when they released their winter album in 2015. The title track 'Dear Santa' is an emotional ballad at first, but after a few seconds it is transformed into a fun song.

TWICE - 'Merry & Happy'

As part of the repackaged album of the same name released in 2017, TWICE's 'Merry & Happy' is a bright song that can make you feel more energized in the winter days. TWICE's sweet voice will definitely bring a bright smile to your face.

Roy Kim - 'It's Christmas Day'

With a very mellow voice, Roy Kim quickly captured the hearts of the audience right from the first verse of this song. Released in 2014, 'It's Christmas Day' always brings warmth to the cold winter.

TVXQ - 'Magic Castle'

'Magic Castle' is a legendary Korean ballad, released in 1994 by the duo The Classic. The remake version released by TVXQ in 2004 also received a lot of love from the audience thanks to the members' wonderful harmony, and will definitely remind longtime K-Pop fans of the old days.

Jo Kwon (2AM), Lim Jeong Hee, Joohee (8eight), RM and Jungkook (BTS) - 'Perfect Christmas'

In 2013, BTS's RM and Jungkook teamed up with former Big Hit Entertainment artists including Lim Jeong Hee, Jo Kwon (2AM), and Joohee (8eight) to release the song 'Perfect Christmas'. Their diverse vocal colors have really come together perfectly, and the song becomes even more impressive with RM's rap part.

Which is your favorite winter song?