10 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses

10 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses

Jihyo looks amazing in glasses!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is unbelievably gorgeous!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Jihyo is gorgeous all the time, we especially love seeing her in glasses.

Here are 10 times Jihyo was absolutely stunning in glasses!

1. Summery spectacles

Jihyo looks like the gorgeous girl next door in this cute summer dress and her glasses!

2. Bare-faced beauty

Even when she’s out and about with her glasses on and without makeup, Jihyo is just as beautiful as ever!

3. Celebrating in style

Jihyo blessed us all with a live stream in glasses to celebrate her 15th anniversary at JYP Entertainment!

4. Beautiful and bespectacled

Jihyo is breathtaking in this photo!

5. Simply the prettiest

Those glasses really call attention to Jihyo’s gorgeous eyes!

6. Business casual

Jihyo looks like the coolest CEO ever in her blazer and jeans!

7. TDOONG Entertainment Jihyo was unreal

She was serving major looks in this TIME TO TWICE series!

8. Take us back to the “Scientist” era

Remember when “Scientist” Jihyo went viral as a chemistry teacher?

9. She’s glowing

Jihyo looks so good in her glasses and sweater!

10. Glasses goddess

Jihyo looks so ethereal in this photo!

Source: Koreaboo