Yoo In Na Shares Her The Reason Why She Chose "The Spies Who Loved Me" In Recent Interview

Yoo In Na Shares Her The Reason Why She Chose "The Spies Who Loved Me" In Recent Interview

Yoo In Na recently had an interview to discuss her latest concluded drama “The Spies Who Loved Me.”

The Spies Who Loved Me” was a suspenseful romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman who accidentally got caught up in the world of the spy. Yoo In Na Played the role of Kang Ah Reum, a wedding dress designer who got married twice — and accidentally married an undercover spy both times. Shinhwa’s Eric played her previous husband Jun Ji Hoon, while her second husband Derek Hyun was played by Im Joo Hwan.

Yoo In Na started the interview by sharing her thoughts on the end of "The Spies Who Loved Me". “I can’t believe the drama is already over,” she continued. “Although we experienced difficulties with the filming locations and time constraints due to the situation this year, it was thanks to the hard work of the director, writer, actors, and staff that we were able to end filming safely. I’m going to miss everyone very much.

When being asked what drew her to the drama, Yoo In Na responded, “I found the mix of romance, action, thrill, and comedy to be refreshing.” Then, She describes the plot, explaining that the personal story of each character has left a huge impression on her and that she always eagerly awaited the thing that happens next in the script.

With the role of Kang Ah Reum, It required Yoo In Na to put herself in the situation of a woman who stuck between her ex-husband and her current husband. Yoo In Na shared how she took on a different persona based on who she was with, saying, “I treated Jun Ji Hoon like an old friend and lover, but I tried to act more cautious and respectful around Derek Hyun. I figured that since Derek Hyun was the partner that Kang Ah Reum sought out after her first marriage failed, she would want to be more cautious. I think I was a little more comfortable acting like someone who jumped head-first into their first relationship.

Yoo In Na revealed that she is so excited to think about showing viewers another side of her to be a wedding dress designer with her husband is a spy. When it comes to detail about how she prepared for her unique role, she shared, “Before filming, I sought advice from a real wedding designer and practiced sewing at home whenever I had the time. In addition, I also practiced shooting for action scenes. I didn’t want to look awkward holding a gun, so I worked hard to research different poses. I felt really pressured at the time, but looking back, it’s become an enjoyable memory.

Yoo In Na Pointed out that Kang Ah Reum’s independent streak as her greatest charm. “When Kang Ah Reum is faced with a problem, she dives into it instead of running away,” she said. “She thinks about how to handle the situation and leaps straight into the action. While acting as Kang Ah Reum, there were a lot of times where I felt that this side of her was really admirable.

Yoo In Na then chose Kang Ah Reum and Jun Ji Hoon’s wedding scene is the most memorable scene in the film. As for the most memorable line in the script, Yoo In Na selects the end of episode 12 when Kang Ah Reum and Jun Ji Hoon both ask, “Are you okay?” at the same time.

Besides being known for her lines, Yoo In Na also got attention with her crying scenes. When asked what she paid most attention to during these scenes, Yoo In Na replied, “I always find it hard to cry. I worry that the tears won’t fall when I want them to, and sometimes I worry that I might ruin the scene by showing too much emotion. Instead, I try to fully immerse myself in the situation and only focus on the person in front of me. Everything comes naturally when it’s a real situation, so I work hard to use that to my advantage.

Finally, Yoo In Na ended the interview with a message for viewers, she said, “I want to express my gratitude to all of the viewers who gave their love to ‘The Spies Who Loved Me.’ After first meeting Kang Ah Reum in the summer and spending around six months together with her, I don’t think I’ll be able to forget her for a long time. I’m planning on watching the drama from start to finish multiple times at home. I hope everyone will remember Kang Ah Reum for a long time as well. I’ll do my best to greet everyone again with an even better side of myself. Thank you.