“When My Love Blooms” reveals shy scene of GOT7 Jinyoung And Jeon So Nee

“When My Love Blooms” reveals shy scene of GOT7 Jinyoung And Jeon So Nee

tvN has released a new behind-the-scenes look at the drama “When My Love Blooms”! The video begins with GO...

tvN has released a new behind-the-scenes look at the drama “When My Love Blooms”!

The video begins with GOT7‘s Jinyoung, Jeon So Nee, Byung Hun, Han Jee Won, and Eun Hae Seong gathered at the filming set to teach various classes to young children. Byung Hun is in charge of English, while Han Ji Won teaches math. Then, Jinyoung teaches Korean by using a poem. He jokingly says that the person mentioned in the poem is his “girlfriend” Yoon Ji Soo (the character played by Jeon So Nee and Lee Bo Young in the drama). Jeon So Nee also teaches music using a small keyboard. She says that in order to win the children’s hearts, she wore a yellow shirt to match the color of an omelet.

The group of actors then film a scene involving a chocolate snack. Jeon So Nee ends up unable to control her laughter during the filming. She apologizes and tries to collect herself between takes, but cracks up once again when Jinyoung delivers his line.

The video goes on to show Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee filming a sweet scene underneath a tree on their school campus. Jeon So Nee rests her head peacefully on Jinyoung’s lap, and he leans down to give her a kiss before hiding behind his book. Next, while Jinyoung is stroking her hair, Jeon So Nee lets out a laugh, making Jinyoung look up with a startled expression.




Next, Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young film their own date in front of a piano at the Han River. Lee Bo Young doubles over with laughter before turning back to say that she couldn’t memorize the sheet music. She then practices again while Yoo Ji Tae looks on with a smile. In a different scene, Yoo Ji Tae waits for Lee Bo Young with a huge bouquet of roses, although the romantic atmosphere is chilled when a suspicious figure makes an appearance. When it begins to rain, the pair rush to finish filming the pivotal scene.

Watch the entire making-of video below!