Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young have opened up about why they were drawn to tvN’s new weekend drama “When My Love Blooms.”

“When My Love Blooms” will tell the story of Han Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) and Yoon Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young), who were each other’s beautiful first love and meet again later on in life after everything has changed.


Yoo Ji Tae’s Han Jae Hyun is someone who threw himself into student activism in his youth but time has turned him into a realistic and cold businessman. This is his first melodrama in a while and he explained, “I want to show people what a ‘Yoo Ji Tae-style melodrama’ really is.” He continued to add, “The script played such a large role in drawing me to the drama. I really enjoyed it. I was able to relate to what the screenwriter was laying out, and it was all so charming to me.”

He also showed affection for his character as he said, “Though Han Jae Hyun’s beliefs may have changed with the passing time, he is more confident than anyone about himself and never loses his sense of humor. I really focused on expressing the depth of my character in the drama.”

Alongside him is Lee Bo Young playing Yoon Ji Soo, who grew up in a wealthy family but as time goes on, she faces many obstacles. She is someone who has strong core values and always does her best at her job. Lee Bo Young showed love for Yoon Ji Soo as she said, “No matter what happens, she never crumbles and I feel like though she may appear tough on the outside, she’s even tougher on the inside. I also like her honest willingness to follow her heart.”

On what drew her to the drama, Lee Bo Young explained, “I like the emotions the script made me feel. And I felt like the characters were fleshed out and so lovely. Not only were the character so charming, but the script was so nice that it made me want to join in.” She added, “Even without trying, I find myself tearing up reading the script and the more lines I perform, the more I immerse deeper into my character.”


“When My Love Blooms” will be the follow-up drama to “Hi Bye, Mama” and will premiere on April 25.