What If K-Drama Actors Become Members of A Boy Group?

What If K-Drama Actors Become Members of A Boy Group?

With a bit of imagination and wishful thinking, a boy group with the attendance of all the talented K-Drama actors would totally make the K-Pop world explosive! Let's check out the potential members and their positions in this imaginary rookie boy group now!

Visual - Ji Chang Wook

The visual position is for the one with outstanding appearance as well as the flexibility in changing the image with different concepts, but still, looks good. And Ji Chang Wook would be the perfect one with this handsome face and the ability to transform into any style.




From the cold-hearted and skillful undercover spy to a intelligent officer, of the dorky owner of a convenient store, Ji Chang Wook still manages to do best!

Vocal - Kim Soo Hyun

Besides having the loveable face with the amazing and soulful acting skills, Kim Soo Hyun also has an incredible singing voice that could blow the audience's mind when hearing. He could easily nail even the song with complicated melodies and require lots of techniques like "She taught me how to yodel".


Dancer - Jo Jung Suk

Well, Jo Jung Suk is such a talented artist when he is a famous actor with great personalities, but his dancing is also admirable. It's not too focused on the techniques or sharp moments but there's something in the way he dances and how he rocks the audience is just so captivating.


If you have seen the Hospital playlist, you must've known that Jo Jung Suk also has a warm singing voice with his cover song "Aloha" of him even was made as official audio for the drama's soundtrack. And he can play instruments, too. What a full-package!

Face of the group - Lee Jong Suk

With more on 16.4 million followers on Instagram, Lee Jong Suk is surely the "magnet" to pull all the fans. He has a bright smile that can lift up any bad day and an elegant sense of humor that makes him an adorable person that no one could resist.



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사랑하는 우리 팬들? 차은호를 사랑해주셔서, 응원해주셔서 감사합니다. 배우로서 여러분을 만난 지 벌써 10년 정도가 된 것 같아요. 저도 제가 없는 낯섦의 시간에 아직 적응하는 중이지만, 여러분에게 마지막 인사를 제대로 전하지 못한 게 딱 하나 걸려서 이렇게 조금 늦은 인사를 남겨요. 특별하지 않아서 특별한 것이 세상에 참 많다고 하는데 그 중에 하나가 저인 것 같아요. 여러분 덕분에 특별해지는 저라서.. 이 드라마가 여러분에게 뭔가 선물이었으면 했어요. 그래서 연기를 어떻게 해야 할까 좀 더 고민하게 되고, 최대한 많은 모습 보여주고 싶어서 헤어, 의상도 다양하게 시도해 보기도 했는데 어땠나요? 저는 지나고 보니 더 잘해내지 못한 것 같아 조금 아쉽기도 하네요. 그런데 분명한 건, 차은호를 만나면서 연기를 함에 있어 조금 더 힘을 빼는 법을 배웠고, 제가 가진 것들을 온전히 꺼내놓는 방법을 이제서야 알게 된 것 같아요. 단순히 잘하고 싶다는 갈망 때문에 어느 순간 어렵고 무거워져서 스스로에게 계속 실망만 하던 시간들이 있었어요. 헌데 이 드라마를 통해 캐릭터에 보다 부드럽게 녹아드는 방법을 깨닫게 됐어요. 그동안 알고 있던 건데도 많은 것들이 달리 보이고 느껴지며 한 걸음은 더 어른이 된 거 같아요. 제가 오히려 너무 커다란 선물을 받은 것 같아서 감사하다는 말로 다 표현이 안돼요. 많이 보고 싶고, 점점 더 그리워지겠지만 조금 늦은 걸음으로 여러분에게 돌아갈게요. 작가님이 쓰신 꼬리말처럼.. 힘든 날 떠오르는 이름이 될게요. 여러분 마음 안에서 뿌리를 박고 가지를 뻗어 다정히 잎을 피워서 도려낼 수 없는 나무 같은 사람. 건강하게 잘 지내길 바라요. 늘 사랑합니다.

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Center of all centers - Lee Joon Gi

And the center of the group, or center of all centers in the K-Pop will be the matching position for Lee Joon Gi.


From the old days, Lee Joon Gi has been famous in the whole industry with surreal facial figures which is the perfect combination of the feminine, the manly, and attractive that no one could take their eyes off. His iconic mono-lid smile is one of the most popular smiles in the K-Drama world and now, the K-Pop industry.


As time flies but Jun Ki's charm is just becoming stronger and stronger than ever. Time definitely does a good job to this man!