Top 6 Most Hottest Korean Female Celebrities

Top 6 Most Hottest Korean Female Celebrities

Kpop and Kdrama are popular not only in Korea but everywhere in Asia and even in North America, Australia and Europe. W...

Kpop and Kdrama are popular not only in Korea but everywhere in Asia and even in North America, Australia and Europe. When it comes to beauties on TV screen, female Korean singers and actresses are among the hottest and most sexiest. They have become famous in movies, music, and entertainment industry. Kpop groups got international coverage, performed show tours in many countries around the world and had their songs on the top hit lists. Kpop dance moves have become world hit dance craze. Everybody has become familiar with the Kpop hot singers and Korean drama actresses. Check out our list of the sexiest Korean female stars:

1. Im Nana

Im Nana is definitely a sexy Korean Idol. She is a talented Kpop artist who started her career in the year 2009, as a member of the group After School. She joined a super model contest in the same year and later won the Girls Award Runway in Japan. Nana is also a member of the Makeup Artists Association and a certified makeup artist. Her own makeup artist talents contributes to her stunning appearance on scene. Nana has become famous due to her impressive singing and dancing skills. She has great vocal talent. Member of a few different reputable bands, Im Nana performs at international level. For her hot sexy body, innocent face and overall great looks, Nana deserves the first place on our list of most popular Korean female stars. This Kpop star is flawless in her singing and dance and hot enough to rock the audience of every scene she performs on.




2. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo certainly deserves the second place on the list of the most sexy and popular Korean female idols. The actress is famous for her television drama movies such as “Full House”, “Autumn In My Heart”, and “The Winter The Wind Blows” and she got many fans. Song Hye Kyo charms the audiences with her acting passion and naturalness talent in her acting drama roles. By nature, the actress has a playful character. In fact, this is part of her sex appeal. Song Hye Kyo’s success and the public’s admiration bring her many advertising offers as well. The actress’s look is definitely sexy and hot. Ee choose her on the second place of our list for all these reasons.




3. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is a very talented and skilled actress. She is also one among the hottest female in Korean modeling and television industry. Park Min Young has become grace of her sexy looks the most popular female Korean superstar in TV commercials and music videos. Many of her commercials have received awards. Park Min Young is involved in the advertising industry, playing in commercials for reputable top corporations such as Pizza Hut, LG, Korean Air, and Lipton Ice Tea.




4. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is considered by the critics and the public as one of the most beautiful female Korean actresses. Among Korean models and actresses, she has become a reference. As a superstar, Kim Tae Hee achieved already 10 years of experience. Her popularity and beauty are the reasons for many invitations to various photo shoots for newspapers, magazines, and to join online news. Kim Tae Hee’s photos expose her beauty in all its splendor. In all her movies and advertisements she shows a sexy and relaxed attitude .




5. Yoon Eun Hye

A Korean actress born in 1984, Yoon Eun Hye, is among the most talented, beautiful, and popular female Korean stars. She started her performer career at only age 15. Yoon Eun Hye was known as a singer in the debut of her career. She launched six popular music albums that also got international coverage. Yoon Eun Hye played in the year 2006 in her first movie and she was received well by the critics and the public. Among her success movies is Goong. She is considered now a sexy and talented Korean star.




6. Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna is a famous Korean model, dancer, and performer. A member of the Kpop girl group called 4Minute, the singer also has a remarkable solo career in performance oriented music. This hot Korean singer is a former member of the popular Korean group Wonder Girls, which she left in 2007. She is also popular for her appearances in the “Gangnam Style” by Psy, a former world hit dance craze.





More and more people all over the world become hooked on Korean Kpop and drama series and men everywhere agree that Korean female stars are super hot and sexy. And, when the beauty is coupled with fame and success, Korean female stars are simply irresistible. We hope you’ll agree with our selection of Korean beauties on our list of the sexiest Korean stars.