Battle Of The Mukbangs: Who Is the Ultimate Foodie (K-Drama Version)?

Battle Of The Mukbangs: Who Is the Ultimate Foodie (K-Drama Version)?

Why is it that food always looks even better and more delicious on screen?

Maybe it's the way the actors slurp up the noodles, the steam that comes out from the soup, and the sizzling sound of meat hitting the pan; whatever it is, the food in dramas are always a scene to look forward to! A battle of the best eaters, who do you think is the ultimate foodie?

1. "My Roommate is a Gumiho" vs. "Boys Over Flowers": How is it that both female leads are so petite but end up eating almost twice their weight? First up, we have Lee Dam, a food fighter herself naturally, versus good ol' Geum Jan Di. I mean to be fair, after having to deal with a school of arrogant people, you're bound to run out of fuel. What better way to recharge yourself than food? Who do you think is the bigger foodie?

2. "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" vs. "Let's Eat 2!": Is there anyone more passionate about food and eating than the SWAG Squad? A close rival would be Goo Dae Young. With his expertise in all things food, he knows all the great places to eat!

3. "Hospital Playlist" vs. "Hi Bye, Mama!": With so many patients they have to take care of, it's rare for many nurses and doctors to actually have the time to eat, so when they do have the chance, well, they eat as much as they can! In comparison, you can't beat out Kim Tae Hee as she takes the steps to order as much Korean delivery food as possible!

4. "Coffee Prince" vs. "Racket Boys": Trying to disguise as a boy takes a lot more energy than you would think, so by the end of the day, it's no wonder that Go Eun Chan would be stuffing her face with food! But does it live up to the extent that an athlete would eat? You be the judge! Who do you think won this round of mukbangs?

Who do you think tops the list for the best mukbang of all time?

Source: Allkpop