These Are The Richest South Korean Actors In 2021

These Are The Richest South Korean Actors In 2021

Who is the richest actor?

There is no denying that the South Korean film industry is globally renowned today. Blame it on the “Hallyu Wave” or content produced, almost all Korean actors have a strong fan following. Another reason for the popularity of actors is that South Korean dramas and movies today have reached a global footprint.

Based on the recent survey, the article below unveils names of South Korean actors who are also one of the richest in terms of net worth. Let’s check them out.

1/Kim So-Hyun

Net Worth: $117 million.
Earnings per episode: $84,000.
Kim So Hyun is one of the richest Korean actors today. Some of his notable works include “My Love From The Stars”, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”. Apart from establishing himself as a leading star in Korean Dramas, Kim has also filmed over 30 ads in China and currently charges $84,000 per episode.

Kim So-Hyun


Net Worth-$41 million
Earnings per episode: $67,100.
This South Korean actor/model made his entertainment debut as a jeans model but soon became known for his leading roles. Some of his notable worth includes “I am sorry I Love You”, “Cain and Abel”, and “Oh My Venus”. With several hit movies under his belt, So-Ji-Sub is known as one of the richest actors in the country.



Net Worth-$32 million.
Earnings per episode: $50,300.
Lee-Jong-Suk started his modelling career at 17 and soon became a famous face in fashion shows. However, his claim to fame was the romantic comedy “Hot Young Bloods” in 2014. Since then he has starred in a string of successful dramas “Doctor Stranger” and “Pinnochio”, and is one of the richest actors in the industry today.

South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and Chinese actress Liu Shishi

4/ Lee-Min-Ho

Net Worth- $26 million.
Earnings per episode: $62,000.
Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular actors in the Korean Industry. A multi-talented personality, his claim to fame was the 2009 “Boys Over Flowers”. This was followed by several other popular dramas and movies, which added to his popularity. Currently, he is one of the most recognized Korean Stars across the globe.

South Korean singer and actor Lee Min-ho

5/ Song Joong Ki

Net Worth: $24 million.
Earnings per Episode: $50,300.
Song Joong Ki is a South Korean actor who enjoys a massive fan following. Although he debuted on the screen with the 2010 coming of age drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, he is noted for playing a diverse spectrum of roles. Following a string of box office hits, Song Joon Ki made his comeback in “Descendants of The Sun” which was an immensely popular show with high viewerships.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi South Korean actor Song Joong-ki

6/Hyun Bin

Net Worth: $21 million.
Earnings per episode: $83,900
Hyun Bin started his career with the drama “I am Kim Sam Soon”. Since then he has appeared in several hit shows like “Secret Garden” and the recent “Crush Landing On You”. As of now, his net worth is around $21 million which makes him one of the richest actors in the Korean industry.

Hyun Bin

7/ Park Seo-Joon

Net Worth: $21 million.
Earnings Per Episode: $25,000
Park Seo-Joon is another name that has topped the popularity charts in recent years. The actor rose to fame with his role in “Fight For My Way” and since then there is no looking back. With major films and dramas under his kitty, Park Seo-Joon is one of the richest actors in South Korea today.

South Korean actor Park Seo-joon and actress Go Joon-hee

8/ Lee Seung Gi

Net Worth: $16 million.
Earning per episode: $59,000
Lee Seung Gi walks many career paths with equal aplomb. Also known as the “Ballad King”, Lee Seung Gi is a qualified entertainer, host, and singer. Apart from acting, he reportedly endorses several products and services which have contributed to his global popularity.