Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Says They Will Take Strong Legal Action Against Malicious Posts About The Actress

Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Says They Will Take Strong Legal Action Against Malicious Posts About The Actress

Song Ji Hyo’s agency will be taking legal action against malicious commenters.

On January 4, Song Ji Hyo’s agency Creative Group ING released an official statement regarding malicious actions against Song Ji Hyo.

Song Ji Hyo’s Agency To Take Strong Legal Action Against Malicious Posts

The statement reads as follows:

"Hello, this is Creative Group ING.

We first want to express gratitude to the numerous fans who always support our agency’s actress Song Ji Hyo, and we are informing you of our response to the infringement of rights against the agency’s actress.

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Malicious rumors based on false information, malicious posts and comments, and posts of defamation and insults against actress Song Ji Hyo on online communities, social media, and portal sites have been getting worse day by day.

Publishing posts that qualify as insults and defamation to her character that are based on groundless information or information that hasn’t been confirmed is clearly illegal, and it is subject to strong legal action.

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With malicious posts and baseless rumors continuously being published since the past, the company has been aware of the illegal activities due to self-monitoring and reports from the fans. We tried to understand that this could be freedom of expression that could occur on the internet, but we have decided that we can no longer overlook these actions.

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The company intends to strengthen protection for the agency’s actress, and we plan on carrying out strong legal responses against malicious actions. We emphasize clearly that there will be no leniency or settlement in this process. Along with continuous self-monitoring, reports from the fans will also be important, so in the case that you discover illegal activity, please actively report it to the official email following the methods below:

[email protected] (Email) (Instagram)

We once again express gratitude to the fans who don’t hold back in their support for actress Song Ji Hyo. The company will continue to support actress Song Ji Hyo in protecting her honor and character as well as in her activities as a celebrity in the future.

Thank you."

Last month, Creative Group ING also announced legal action in response to malicious posts and personal attacks against Hyeri.