Song Ji Hyo Forsakes Her Usual Actress Image To Get In Character With Her Most Recent Costume

Song Ji Hyo Forsakes Her Usual Actress Image To Get In Character With Her Most Recent Costume

Song Ji Hyo can do a lot for her role.

Song Ji Hyo has become widely loved and known for her incredible beauty, as well as her title as one of South Korea’s most popular actresses. The actress gained even more fame after joining Running Man back in 2010, solidifying her A-list status.

And while Song Ji Hyo has shown off many different sides to her during her impressive 11 years with the SBS variety program, including her famous “mung (dazed)” image, the most recent episode has the rest of the cast members worried for the actress’s image.

Running Man celebrated their 11th anniversary on the July 11 episode and to commemorate the special day, they participated in a “strange family portrait race,” where each member played games to win prize money. At the end of the race, the members could use their earned prize money to “buy” a specific family portrait member costume.

At the end of the race, Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin had enough funds to become the mom and the dad, while Jeon So Min and Yoo Jae Suk became the children. However, it was Song Ji Hyo’s transformation into the family’s pet dog that the rest of the Running Man members expressed their shock.

Recent “Running Man” family portrait episode | SBS

Here she is, with her hair wrapped down to really maximize the costume’s full effect…

The makeup team then painted Song Ji Hyo’s face white with black spots to imitate the look of a Dalmatian dog. Pair that with some matching ears and a matching onesie, and the look became complete.

Upon seeing the actress’s transformation, Haha kept uttering, “Ji Hyo’s cute, she’s cute…” with a bewildered facial expression.

Ji Suk Jin also expressed his concern for her image, as he shared,

It doesn’t have to be done by Ji Hyo, does it?

— Ji Suk Jin

However, Song Ji Hyo did not seem to care for her image one bit, as she fully accepted and transformed into her “pet dog” character.

Caption: “Dazed.”

During the family portrait shoot, Song Ji Hyo cracked up the studio and her cast members by adding on small details, such as lifting her leg as a dog would do.

Caption: “Adding unnecessary details.”

Netizens shared their thoughts on Song Ji Hyo’s commitment to her character, even though she has the image of an actress to uphold.

Along with her weekly appearances on Running Man, Song Ji Hyo has been busy shooting for her upcoming TVING K-Drama, The Witch’s Diner. The actress will be portraying the witch in the series, where she will get to show off her charismatic acting abilities. The TVING K-Drama is set to premiere on July 16.

Source: Koreaboo