SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Releases OST 'The Reason' For Web Drama 'Lovestruck in the City'

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Releases OST 'The Reason' For Web Drama 'Lovestruck in the City'

The OST 'The Reason' of 'Lovestruck in the City', which is sung by Seungkwan, a member of boy group SEVENTEEN, has been released.


Kakao TV's original drama 'Lovestruck in the City' released its sixth OST 'The Reason' at 6 PM KST on January 29 on various music sites, expressing deep emotions, which attract listeners.

Seungkwan, who drew a lot of expectations and attention just by joining the OST line-up of 'Lovestruck in the City', lent his voice for the OST. It is a song that perfectly harmonizes Seungkwan's tone with the mellow piano sound and lyrical melody. It conveys the deep longing feelings of the moment when Park Jae Won (played by Ji Chang Wook) and Lee Eun Oh (played by Kim Ji Won) fell in love.

In particular, the unique voice of Seungkwan, who is recognized for his delicate and solid singing skills, and the emotional lyrics, just like a heart-felt letter, are said to give a deeper sense of immersion and lingering feelings to the viewers.

Seungkwan's participation in this OST is his third time releasing music as a solo singer. The first and second were when he sang the OST for the drama 'Mother' in March 2018 and the drama 'Record Of Youth' in September 2020, and his unique sensibility and excellent vocal skills have proven his presence as a talented vocalist, drawing attention from listeners.