Lee Seung Gi Directly Addresses Rumors, Public’s Disapproval Of His Marriage, And More In Detailed Statement

Lee Seung Gi Directly Addresses Rumors, Public’s Disapproval Of His Marriage, And More In Detailed Statement

On April 12, Lee Seung Gi uploaded a two-part statement on Instagram to personally address recent rumors, grievances with his former agency Hook Entertainment, his marriage to Lee Da In, and more.

In the first part of his statement, Lee Seung Gi addressed false headlines, detailed his feud with his former agency Hook Entertainment, and spoke about the positive response he received from the public after donating all of his unpaid earnings.

He began, “Last December, I received praise beyond measure from the public after donating all of the 5 billion won [approximately $3,781,500] of unpaid earnings I received from my former agency. Many people gave me support and courage. For about two months, I lived surrounded by praise. After announcing my marriage to my wife Lee Da In, the atmosphere was reversed. However, it doesn’t matter. Donations and kind comments are separate. Because I did not donate to earn the support of the public.”

Lee Seung Gi Directly Addresses Rumors, Public’s Disapproval Of His Marriage, And More In Detailed Statement

Lee Seung Gi explained, “I always believe that the public is right. If the public doesn’t like something, there’s a reason. But occasionally, there are times when it’s unfair. For example, I mean when the public is misinformed.”

Regarding a specific headline, Lee Seung Gi added, “‘Embezzled 26 billion won [approximately $19,641,500] through stock price manipulation and mass produced 300,000 victims?’ This is clear misinformation. I don’t know where these reporters and YouTubers collected this information but it is completely groundless content. Lee Da In’s parents have filed a complaint to the Press Arbitration Commission against the five media outlets that reported this news. The reporters could not prove anything. And the Press Arbitration Commission has requested corrective reports from these outlets.”

On April 12, one outlet reported that Lee Seung Gi had used product placement at his wedding. In response, Lee Seung Gi commented, “In the past, an issue arose in the entertainment industry regarding wedding sponsorships. These days, it is my knowledge that most people are holding weddings using their own expenses. I also wanted to personally treat my guests to a good meal and express my gratitude without sponsorships.”

After questioning why the writer of this article did not contact his agency for confirmation, Lee Seung Gi mentioned that someone working in media once told him that reporters choose not to confirm their stories in order to get more views on controversial articles. Lee Seung Gi added, “I have a new agency now. And a manager I’ve been working with for 10 years. In the future, please contact me before writing articles.”

Lee Seung Gi then mentioned a previous article that stated how the artist needed advice from his management rather than support, citing Hook Entertainment as the reason for the star’s positive image as Lee Sun Hee’s student and a former class president. To explain why this agency was not supportive of him, Lee Seung Gi recalled when the director of Hook Entertainment attempted to intimidate him by saying that a reporter was investigating Lee Da In’s father. Lee Seung Gi shared that not long after, the director said they resolved it well but had a hard time stopping the article from coming out.

However, Lee Seung Gi revealed that he coincidentally met the reporter the director was referring to, who explained that Hook Entertainment requested that they slander Lee Da In’s father. Describing the agency’s gaslighting as “Hook-lighting,” Lee Seung Gi commented, “Hook kept me in line like that.” Additionally, Lee Seung Gi shared that the agency would ask him to pay for gifts like designer items.

In part two of Lee Seung Gi’s statement, the star spoke about the public’s disapproval of his marriage to Lee Da In.

Read the full statement below:

This is to the fans who cherish me. First off, I’m sorry. I heard that you were very hurt due to the flood of articles coming out due to issues with my in-laws. One fan said that’s why they tried to stop my marriage.

Once again, I bow my head in apology. Even my close acquaintances suggested breaking up, saying, ‘Think of your image.’ I felt frustrated. My wife did not choose her parents…so how can I say we should break up because of her parents’ issues?

There’s a promise I made to my wife Lee Da In before and after our marriage. ‘In the future, let’s live while paying back.’ We will look after places that need help and look into ones in even greater need. We will keep this resolution regardless of malicious comments.

Lastly, many people came to our wedding to congratulate us. I sincerely thank you. While thinking of ways to return our gratitude, we came to the conclusion ‘it will be even more meaningful to use our congratulatory money for children in difficult circumstances.’

We plan to use the entire amount of congratulatory money for Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In as a support fund for underprivileged children.

I have lived as a celebrity for 20 years. I have never spoken with this much emotion. Of course, there will be things to nitpick in this statement too. This post will likely become the starting point for more malicious articles.

Despite all that, the reason I dared to have courage is…

From after my dating news to our wedding, and to today, five days after our wedding, I’ve had a really hard time due to news mixed with mockery and degradation. On top of that, seeing malicious comments give strength to fake news made me discouraged.

I do not ask for you to bless Lee Seung Gi’s marriage. Just please watch over us. I will live and share with Lee Da In. I believe that is the best that I can do.

At the bottom of this post, Lee Seung Gi provided the corrected details of the article he mentioned in part one of his statement, with the new report now being in accordance with the Press Arbitration Commission.

On April 7, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In held their private wedding ceremony at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel in Gangnam, with many stars in attendance. Shortly after the ceremony, the agencies of both stars denied rumors of pregnancy.

Source: Soompi