Lee Seung Gi Talks About His Upcoming Marriage And 20th Anniversary, Why His Recent Donations Were So Meaningful

Lee Seung Gi Talks About His Upcoming Marriage And 20th Anniversary, Why His Recent Donations Were So Meaningful

Lee Seung Gi has given a heartfelt interview with GQ Korea!

As the interview took place a few hours after Lee Seung Gi announced his upcoming marriage to Lee Da In through a handwritten letter, the interviewer joked that they had to pretend to be a reporter and ask the star how he was feeling. Lee Seung Gi responded, “I feel calm and serene. It’s been quite awhile since we decided to get married. From the moment I decided to be with her, I’ve felt incredibly comfortable.”

He added, “She’s someone I love so much who’s worked very hard by my side. But you have no idea how nervous I was when I was writing my letter…”

On how love changes him, Lee Seung Gi shared, “I gain more courage and confidence. My combat power is different. There’s a clear reason why I should not back down and I have a stronger desire to make it to the end and not give up.”

Following Lee Seung Gi’s recent legal dispute with his former agency Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi vowed to donate all his unpaid earnings once they were returned to him. Since making that promise, Lee Seung Gi has donated a total of 5 billion won (approximately $3,789,600) to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, Korean Red Cross, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), and more.

Lee Seung Gi commented on the public’s response to his donations, explaining, “Not too long ago, I went overseas in economy class. Before, if there weren’t any seats, I occasionally flew economy.” He then shared with a laugh, “But people said, ‘Lee Seung Gi donated 5 billion won and is flying economy, that’s amazing.’ I received a lot of comfort after seeing support from people who had no interest in me, and even people who didn’t like me. It gave me so much strength, to the point where I teared up. Because I felt like I wasn’t fighting a lonesome fight by myself.”

When the interviewer mentioned how Lee Seung Gi personally visited each place he donated to, Lee Seung Gi elaborated on how special these donations were to him. He said, “Something I want to say is that all donations are good. However, these donations are a bit different. That money was really precious to me. To the point where it feels too conventional to call it ‘blood-like money.’ Because it’s money that contains all the stress, hurt, and despair of my youth. That’s why I wanted to spent it without loss that much more. I wanted to donate it to a place where I could clearly see with my own two eyes how that money is spent.”

While discussing Lee Seung Gi’s personal approach to critique and discouraging comments from the public, he elaborated on his perspective of how humans confidently move forward. He shared, “I think people are fooled by the saying ‘walking silently.’ Others appear silent because you’re watching from afar, but that person is definitely not ‘walking silently.’ You have to be intensely fierce. I believe ‘going silently, without excuses, while doing your best and dripping sweat’ is all captured in the phrase ‘walking silently.'”

On his personal confidence, Lee Seung Gi revealed that he is currently the most confident. “I have a person, company, and crew that I have to protect,” he commented. “I think confidence is not feeling ashamed by the work I do.”

10 years ago, Lee Seung Gi shared that he felt slightly knowledgeable about variety shows, but continuously clueless about acting. While touching on his recent film shoot, Lee Seung Gi explained that he know feels slightly knowledgeable about acting. He added, “Even if my body is tired, my heart feels comfortable on variety shows.”

However, above all, Lee Seung Gi chose music as the field he wants to excel in right now. “As next year is my 20th anniversary, I’m slowly starting up the engine now,” he revealed. “I’m going to do a lot of live performances and tour around Asia. A show-like performance! I don’t know whether the freedom I have now will lead to many changes in my music too.”

Referring to the idol survival program that Lee Seung Gi is currently hosting, the interviewer wittingly commented, “You’re putting on your wings of freedom, to your ‘Peak Time‘ at last.” Lee Seung Gi replied, “From now on.”