Lee Jong Suk Spreads Love This New Year With Generous Donations: What To Expect From Him In 2022

Lee Jong Suk Spreads Love This New Year With Generous Donations: What To Expect From Him In 2022

Actor Lee Jong Suk has it all-great looks, outstanding acting skills and a big heart!

Before the year 2021 ends, the actor makes hundreds of children happy with his generous and meaningful year-end donation.

Lee Jong Suk Donates Generously to Children in Need

On December 30, Green Umbrella Children's Foundation confirmed that actor Lee Jong Suk, who has consistently lent his hands to those in need, recently donated 100 million South Korean won (approximately $84,119).

Lee Jong Suk

The actor's heartwarming act will be used to fund young people who are set to leave childcare institutions at the age of 18 to live on their own.

Lee Jong Suk feels for the young people who experienced great difficulties and are preparing for independence. He said, "Due to the threat of COVID-19, I don't think independence can be obtained overnight. I hope that the children living in these institutions will grow up healthy, enjoy many great opportunities in education and career. I hope my small gesture warms the hearts of those children."

Lee Jong Suk

The chairman of the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, Lee Je Hoon, expressed his sincerest gratitude to the actor for his kindness.

"Young people, who are taking their first steps as an adult, are having more difficulties becoming independent due to the long-running pandemic. The Green Umbrella Children's Foundation will also do its best to guide them in becoming self-reliant," he continued.

'Big Mouth' and 'The Witch: Part 2': What to Expect From Lee Jong Suk in 2022

As he welcomes the New Year, Lee Jong Suk is also gearing up for his upcoming tvN crime legal drama "Big Mouth" with Girls' Generation Yoona which airs for the first time in the first half of 2022.

Lee Jong Suk

The Oh Chung Hwan-directed drama follows the story of a third-rate lawyer who has a hopeless winning rate. He somehow gets involved in a murdered case that forces him to become a strongman who becomes a wiser and braver lawyer to punish the bad guys in the world full of greed and power.

Lee Jong Suk and ​​SNSD’s Yoona

Apart from that, Lee Jong Suk will also make a special cameo appearance in "The Witch: Part 2," the sequel of the award-winning 2018 mystery horror action film "The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion."

With Kim Da Mi, Park Eun Bin, Jin Goo and Choi Woo Sik reprising their roles, the film will be released sometime in 2022 in theaters nationwide. It will also be available for online streaming on Netflix.

Source: Kdramastars