Kim Young Dae Drops Out Of 'School 2021' Cast + In Talks Along With Lee Sung Kyung For Another Drama

Kim Young Dae Drops Out Of 'School 2021' Cast + In Talks Along With Lee Sung Kyung For Another Drama

Actor Kim Young Dae stepped down from 'School 2021' and may join another series.

According to media outlet reports on July 15, actor Kim Young Dae has dropped out from the lead cast of KBS2's 'School 2021'.

Back in May of this year, Kim Young Dae garnered attention for choosing a lead role in KBS2's 'School 2021' as his next project, after his successful role in SBS's 'Penthouse' series. However, according to one industry insider, "There was an exchange between the two sides regarding a disagreement in what was originally negotiated. As a result, 'School 2021' is currently seeking out a new male lead to replace Kim Young Dae. The candidates have been narrowed down, and the casting will be made soon."

The “School 2021” production team has responded to Kim Young Dae’s agency saying that the actor will no longer be starring in the upcoming drama.

The statement released on July 15 reads as follows:

"Actor Kim Young Dae, who was cast in “School 2021,” signed a contract to star in the drama and also attended main actor meetings and script reading practice sessions. While preparing for the first filming session in July, his agency suddenly expressed that the actor will be leaving the drama without negotiating with the production team.

The production team and KBS have not agreed to actor Kim Young Dae’s departure [from the drama], and we are working to reach an amicable settlement.

It is unfortunate that articles about [Kim Young Dae] starring in a different program were released simultaneously with articles about him leaving [“School 2021”] without officially discussing with the program’s production team.

We will share an update with the final decision later on."

Kim Young Dae To Step Down From “School 2021”

With Kim Young Dae leaving the cast of 'School 2021', the production has now returned to square one with its male lead Kim Yo Han and female lead Jo Yi Hyun.

KBS2's 'School 2021' became involved in a casting controversy back in 2020 as well, when actress Ahn Seo Hyun was reportedly dropped from as the female lead. Actress Kim Sae Ron was up for discussion to fill for the vacant female lead role; however, Kim Sae Ron ultimately decided to turn the offer down. 'School 2021' is expected to air in winter of this year.

Meanwhile, Kim Young Dae is working on selecting his next project!

Kim Young Dae In Talks Along With Lee Sung Kyung For New Drama

On July 15, an industry representative reported that the actor will be playing a lead role in the upcoming drama “Shooting Star” (literal title).

In response to the report, a source from the actor’s agency Outer Korea commented, “Kim Young Dae received a casting offer for ‘Shooting Star’ and is reviewing the offer.”

“Shooting Star” will tell the stories of people who work behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry such as PR teams, managers, and reporters. It was revealed back in April that Lee Sung Kyung received a casting offer to play the female lead Oh Han Byul.


Kim Young Dae has been offered the role of Gong Tae Sung, a top star who is housed under Star Force Entertainment. He is a celebrity who filmed a scene that will remain a legend in Korean drama history. With a luminous appearance and a sacred aura that makes people feel like they need to make a wish in his presence, he is an A-list celebrity who hasn’t been at the center of gossip for more than a decade. However, he hides an unexpected personality underneath his polite exterior.

Kim Young Dae is currently filming SBS’s “The Penthouse 3.”