Ji Chang Wook And Wi Ha Joon Talk About Their New Drama “The Worst Of Evil”

Ji Chang Wook And Wi Ha Joon Talk About Their New Drama “The Worst Of Evil”

In a recent interview and pictorial for Elle magazine, Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon dished on their upcoming drama “The Worst of Evil”!

Set in the 1990s, “The Worst of Evil” is a new crime-action drama about an investigation launched to take down a major cartel based in Gangnam that is responsible for illegal drug trade between Korea, Japan, and China.

Ji Chang Wook will star as Kang Joon Mo, a detective who undertakes the dangerous mission of going undercover to infiltrate the Gangnam Alliance and earn the trust of mob boss Jung Ki Chul. Wi Ha Joon will play Jung Ki Chul, the ruthless leader of the Gangnam Alliance, who clawed his way to the top of the mob after a painful childhood.

In his post-shoot interview, Ji Chang Wook remarked, “The premise of an undercover investigation might seem commonplace. But as soon as I read the script for ‘The Worst of Evil,’ I felt that the drama definitely had its own unique color. I was confident that it would be a very new and different kind of crime-action drama, with a much younger vibe [than past dramas in the same genre].”

When asked whose trust he hoped to earn in real life, Ji Chang Wook replied, “The trust of the director and the staff on set. Since this work is created by people working together, I’m always trying to instill trust and convey inspiration.”

As for his experience working with Wi Ha Joon, Ji Chang Wook shared, “My teamwork with Ha Joon was really great. There are differences in our acting styles, but we created chemistry between our two characters, who are placed in a very risky and precarious relationship within the story. You can safely look forward to it.”

Wi Ha Joon also spoke highly of Ji Chang Wook, commenting, “Seeing [Ji Chang Wook]’s passion and attitude towards the drama, I could clearly see how he was able to make it to where he is now as an actor. He’s always cheerful and mischievous on set, but at the same time, he takes great care of everyone. Even on a personal level, he had a positive influence on me.”

When asked if there were any similarities between his real-life personality and that of his character, Wi Ha Joon responded, “We don’t easily reveal our feelings, and we have a strong sense of responsibility towards our people.”

As for how he determines whether someone is on his side in real life, Wi Ha Joon shared, “This isn’t a rule, but something that the people who always stay by your side seem to have in common is that they raise your worth and respect you. I’m also the type of person who likes and trusts people who aren’t afraid to tell me the bitter truth.”

Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the October issue of Elle Korea magazine.

Meanwhile, “The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27. Check out a teaser for the drama here!