“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Director Says It Will Be Difficult For A Second Season To Arrive Anytime Soon

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Director Says It Will Be Difficult For A Second Season To Arrive Anytime Soon

Are you waiting for a second season?

Ever since the final episode of K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, fans of the drama have been hoping for a second season.

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Though not unprecedented, a second season for a K-Drama is very rare. A K-Drama miniseries usually run for 16-20 episodes, with weekend and morning novellas being an exception.

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There has, however, recently been a few dramas that had a second season. K-Drama Yumi’s Cell had a second season, while the drama Penthouse finished its run with the ending of its third season.

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On August 16, it was reported that Lee Sang Baek, the CEO of the drama’s production company Acetory, confirmed they would be producing a second season. Fans’ celebrations were muted shortly after, however, when the production team denied anything was definite.

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On August 31, Yonhap News reported that the director of the drama, Yoo In Sik, while speaking at this year’s BCWW ’22, a forum for Asia’s largest broadcasting content market, stated a second season was anything but definite.

— Yoo In Sik, Director

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Giving credence to the director’s assessment is the fact that the CEO of Acetory, Lee Sang Baek, who confirmed the second season a mere two weeks ago, was also in attendance.

Lee Sang Baek speaking at BCWW 2022 | Yonhap News

Despite fans wanting a second season, the actor’s conflicting schedules and actor Kang Tae Oh‘s enlistment may prove to be too great of a hindrance. Hopefully, this isn’t the case, but it seems fans may have to hope and wait a while longer for a second season.

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