Dispatch Reports On Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young's Lavish Spendings Using The Company Card

Dispatch Reports On Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young's Lavish Spendings Using The Company Card

Dispatch revealed Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young's lavish spendings using the company card, while she pressured Lee Seung Gi to use personal funds for his meals.

Earlier, it was reported that Lee Seung Gi had demanded a transparent record of his music income from Hook Entertainment for the last 18 years. It was also revealed that CEO Kwon Jin Young had consistently gaslighted Lee Seung Gi by telling him he is a "minus singer". Amidst further reports that Hook Entertainment's CEO Kwon Jin Young micromanaged Lee Seung Gi and his manager's use of the company card, Dispatch recently revealed that CEO Kwon Jin Young herself had spent tens of millions of won on luxury items, family members, and more using the company card.

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On November 30 KST, Dispatch released reports that detailed CEO Kwon Jin Young's use of the company card, where it revealed that she had spent around 2.8 billion won (~$2,125,293 USD) from January 2016 to July 2017. Kwon Jin Young's company fund usage included personal travel expenses with her acquaintances, purchase of luxury goods, visits to restaurants, games, and more. In addition, Kwon Jin Young set her yearly salary as 2.6 billion won (~$1,973,487 USD), and registered her younger sibling as a fake employee to take an extra 400 million won (~$303,591 USD). In particular, the spending report of Kwon Jin Young revealed that she had gifted her mother and a Louis Vuitton employee with 5 million won (~$3,794 USD) and 10 million (~$7,588 USD), respectfully, using the company card. The combined amount of company funds used by Kwon Jin Young's mother adds up to around 103 million won (~$78,162 USD), and the Louis Vuitton employee's use of the company funds added up to more than 108 million won (~$81,956 USD).

Meanwhile, text messages shared between Lee Seung Gi's manager and CEO Kwon Jin Young were recently revealed, where the manager reported that he had used the company card to buy Lee Seung Gi a sandwich and coffee for dinner for around 29,800 won (~$22 USD), as well as using 14,500 won (~$10.70) for parking at Lee Seung Gi's drama script reading session. In response, Kwon Jin Young pressured the manager to convince Lee Seung Gi to use his personal funds. However, according to Dispatch, Hook Entertainment signed a 7:3 contract with Lee Seung Gi on the condition that they would take care of all funds related to his activities.

Below are screenshots of some text messages shared between CEO Kwon Jin Young and Lee Seung Gi's manager:

Manager: “Seung Gi hyung asked me to buy him an energy bar and snacks at SSG, so I charged 29,800 won (~$22 USD) on the company card."
CEO: “For personal purchases, convince him to use his personal card.”
Manager: “Yes, I’m sorry. He said he was going to eat it while filming Little Forest, so I used the company card. For personal items, I will use (our) personal cards.”
CEO: "Ok."

Manager: “I charged 14,500 won (~$10.70 USD) on the company card for parking at the reading session. We will go to the location for dinner afterward.”
CEO: “The parking fee is crazy. Tell him to do it at a place where there is parking.”
Manager: “Yes, I will do as you ask.”