5 super thrilling Korean zombie movies

5 super thrilling Korean zombie movies

The following 5 Korean zombie movies will make you awake because they are extremely attractive every minute.

A "zombie" movie choking and thrilling of Korea is the most suitable and effective "blood pump" in the boring days. However, besides the famous global blockbusters such as Train to Busan, Peninsula or Kingdom series, Korean cinema still has many "underground treasures" of the zombie genre that not everyone knows.



If you ever fall in love with Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok at Landing in the UK, there is no reason for fans to ignore Rampant. The audience will see a completely different Hyun Bin when he plays a prince from afar to witness a strange epidemic raging. Quite similar to Kingdom, Da Dem is set in the second half of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. The film not only focuses on the fighting and power struggle of the factions in the court, but also the battle to protect the Korean country from the zombie epidemic.

Although there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the somewhat unattractive content of the film, Rampant is still a commendable effort of the land of kimchi. In addition, the slashing performances of the main character group led by Hyun Bin and actor Jang Dong Gun will definitely make viewers fidgety.

Seoul Station


Before the worldwide success with the zombie masterpiece Train To Busan, director Yeon Sang Ho wrote the pen to the cartoon title Seoul Station. Although not being released in theaters like the "siblings" of the same universe, the film still makes the audience remember forever with the creepy details even through cartoon movies.

The story begins at Seoul Station - where a father is looking for his daughter. However, his search is interrupted by the attack of the undead. In addition to the bloodthirsty and dangerous zombies, Seoul Station also explores a very different aspect of Korean society - dark, painful, and extremely uncomfortable.

The Odd Family


Also in the zombie category, but The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale was an unexpected success because of an interesting scenario, escaping from the usual trails. Most viewers will think of the prospect of the undead chasing humans, against the human race to take life from their teeth. However, this movie goes in a completely different direction of scenario development, even somewhat humorous and witty.

Zombie on Sale is set in a small rural town, a zombie appears and is adopted by the Park family. And what will be, this new member begins to bite the first clan leader. However, he did not die or become a zombie but … rejuvenated into a young man. The members of the Park family decided to make money from "biting people", urging villagers to buy "rejuvenating medicine". However, any life is so easy, there are still many witty surprises waiting for the audience in 1 hour and 52 minutes of the film.

Doomsday Book

Anthology has been used quite successfully by the Korean cinema industry. Among them, Doomsday Book stands out when it brings viewers 3 apocalypse stories collectively called "the report on the destruction of mankind".

The film tells a series of the most horrible things that can happen to humanity in the apocalypse. It could be a meteor shower wiping off the surface of the Earth, robots that "betray" and overthrow humanity, or even a virus that turns humanity into zombies. In particular, during the current outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Doomsday Book had a strong connection and made viewers think more about the future, about the risks facing humanity. more.



After antiquity, humor and apocalypse, the Korean zombie movie segment continues to challenge Alive - a product with bold nature. In particular, the title of director Cho Il Hyung was written by an American-born writer Matt Naylor. This gives the drama starring Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye a strong Western breath.

Korea is pushing the zombie genre to the extreme by letting it weave into various aspects of the film. From animation, historical costumes to comedy or drama, these 5 titles will help you feel more refreshed after stressful working hours!