5 must-watch zombie movies

5 must-watch zombie movies

Launched in 1932, zombies are one of the oldest genres in the movie world. Through the development of nearly a century,...

Launched in 1932, zombies are one of the oldest genres in the movie world. Through the development of nearly a century, this genre of film has been implemented by many countries around the world with a series of creative ideas. No need to invest a hundred billion like World War Z (2013) or Peninsula (2020), many works have a lower budget but are extremely excellent.

The Night Eats the World


The Night Eats the World is a French work with the main character is the musician named Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie). One day, he went to his ex-girlfriend's house in an apartment complex to retrieve the tapes. But because she was having a party, Sam went to a waiting room and accidentally fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he was shocked to realize that the whole world had turned into a corpse due to the disaster that night.

From here, the musician is forced to find a way to survive with the meager remaining food and find a way to escape from this place. The Night Eats the World has slow content and deeply exploits the psychology, not the dramatic or bloody escape scenes. However, the film is still attractive because it borrows a zombie setting to talk about human loneliness. Moderate horror factor and the climax of the last minute is a little spice to the complete work.

The Girl with All the Gifts


The Girl with All the Gifts is a British zombie film, based on the hit novel of the same name. The work takes place in the near future when most of humanity turns into bloodthirsty zombies due to a mysterious parasitic fungus. Mankind's last hope is a generation of infected children who remain conscious.

They are imprisoned in a military base to study and are taught by Helen Justineau (Gemma Arterton). Disaster happened when the undead broke the fence gate to get inside. The Girl with All the Gifts is rated as excellent as 28 Days Later (2002). Not only drama and horror because of the continuous escape, the film also raises the question of the human future in relation to nature.



REC is the strange wind of Spanish cinema with a budget of only 2 million USD and was filmed in the style of found-footage (from a handheld camera perspective of the character). The film follows reporter Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) on a field report trip following the footsteps of firefighters. However, they do not know that they have fallen into a zombie outbreak that has just broken out.

Thanks to the advantage of found-footage, REC offers authentic experiences like viewers are trapped in an apartment building full of undead. The attacks, tearing also become more surprising and scary. Not only that, but the mysteries about the origin of the disease gradually appear throughout the brutal journey of survival, making the film attractive to every moment.

The End?


Getting stuck in an apartment building in The Night Eats the World or even a train like Train to Busan is still comfortably bored compared to the elevator in The End ?. This new Italian movie brings a very unique idea when businessman Claudio (Alessandro Roja) is stuck in an elevator when the zombie epidemic breaks out. The door can only be partially opened, making him escape from being bitten by zombies.

However, the advantage gradually turned into disaster when Claudio could not escape this narrow space. Even if he manages to escape, he will immediately fall into the ring of waiting corpses. Not only that, Claudio was also helpless as he watched each of his acquaintances gradually become prey to zombies. Perhaps only when this is the case can the audience fully understand the terrible fear he has to endure.



Alive is Korea's latest zombie drama starring Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye. The film has a content quite similar to The Night Eats the World when it also tells about the gamer Joon Woo (Yoo Ah In) witnessed the zombie epidemic through the window. The work then also focuses on the lonely life of the guy with the amount of essentials, electricity and water gradually running out and around the bloodthirsty zombies.

However, Joon Woo is somewhat more fortunate when the apartment opposite there is another survivor Yoo Bin (Park Shin Hye). #Alive does not bring as many action scenes as Peninsula, but the new and psychological concept makes the work reminiscent of Train to Busan extremely successful a few years ago. The image of the zombie like … superman is a plus point for the horror element, the gore of the movie.