4 reasons to watch 'Record of Youth'

4 reasons to watch 'Record of Youth'

Here are four possible reasons why you can't miss Record of Youth, Park Bo Gum's final pre-enlistment drama.


Record of Youth, starring one of the most popular screen male idols Kbiz Park Bo Gum and "Parasite star" Park So Dam, is a drama that is gaining attention from the audience at the present time. Right after episode 1's premiere, the title of the film led the top search on Naver, other related keywords such as "Park Bo Gum's height", or the names of the actors participating: "Park So Dam", "Ha Hee Ra" also gradually climbed into the top 10. This clearly shows the drama's charm.

Here are 4 reasons why you can't miss Record of Youth, which is expected to become a fever in the second half of 2020.

Bring vivid and enthusiastic footage, encouraging young people to strive for their dreams and ambitions


Record of Youth has a story revolving around the ups and downs in the struggle to achieve the dreams of young people, mixed with a romantic love story with many sweet feelings. Coming to Record of Youth, young audiences will be motivated on the way to conquer dreams. At the same time, those who have experienced may find a shadow of themselves in the beautiful youthful years.

Focusing on exploiting the perseverance, steadfastness and enthusiasm of youth, Record of Youth promises to be a movie that will help you inspire the first days of the week, at the same time, bring you the moments of relaxation later. Long days of work, study tired.

Park Bo Gum's 'appearance', Park So Dam the "fan-attractor" from the winning Oscar 2020


Referring to Park Bo Gum, certain specialties are indispensable to include the delicious appearance and the pure, innocent face that dominates the hearts of the masses. Participating in Record of Youth, Park Bo Gum "preserves" the image of a young, enthusiastic, and passionate theme of the film, and at the same time, "contractor" always has the task of portraying the characteristics of youth such as: persistent, steadfast, but equally dumb, lovely. All these advantages of Park Bo Gum help Record of Youth retain the audience, creating a premise for public attention.

As for Park So Dam, when acting in Parasite with the role of Jessica, So Dam has made a strong impression on the big screen audience. Although she does not possess the visual "over flower" like the top goddess Kbiz, the star born in 1991 still makes movie enthusiasts "fall in love" in front of their face with attractive monolids, a smile. beaming smile and natural acting, emphasizing strong personality with careless and generous aura.

The "top" chemistry of Park Bo Gum and Parasitic star Park So Dam promises to make fans excited


From the very first days, the production team of Record of Youth "showed off" many sweet and loving frames of Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam. In particular, at the beginning of filming, when the main couple's photos of the first scenes were leaked and appeared in the newspaper, if only the "passerby" quickly scanned the social networking sites. If you don't know any information about Record of Youth, someone might misunderstand this as a celebrity's dating photo, because Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum's "chemistry" in Record of Youth is a natural, harmonious.

Record of Youth is Park Bo Gum's last drama before enlistment


In fact, Park Bo Gum was on his way to military service on August 31. According to the published information, Record of Youth is the last TV work of the actor to be shown before he enlisted. Thus, within the next 2 years, audiences will not have the opportunity to enjoy any of Park Bo Gum's new dramas. This time is quite a long time. So, if someone loves Bo Gum, you definitely won't miss Record of Youth.

Record of Youth airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN from September 7.