Asians In Hollywood (P1)

Asians In Hollywood (P1)
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The strong appearance of Asians on Hollywood screen marked success after many struggles of an entire community.

The strong appearance of Asians on Hollywood screen marked success after many struggles of an entire community.

Magnificent Hollywood is where everything has the potential to come true: from stories of beauties who love monsters to adventures in distant space, or even super squads. Hero represents the good, the righteousness day and night saving the world. As long as someone dares to imagine, Hollywood is ready to turn those thoughts into reality.

Yet there are still things that hurt many: Asians' tiny presence in the world's most stellar film market. Is it the lack of talented actors, or stories related to the world's biggest continent not attractive enough? Over the years, many girls and boys have grown up in their admiration and desire to be white and blue-eyed superheroes, never imagining what a yellow-skinned superman would look like. Luckily, it looks like things are tending to turn around.

"Yellow face," image stereotyping or insulting that goes unnoticed

According to Time newspaper, a study has shown that although Asian Americans make up 5.4% of the total population in the country, the number of Asian main characters in the movies is only 1.4. % in 2014. In 2018, a new report states that only 12% of all film production positions are held by Asians. Because of being so strongly overwhelmed, "yellow face" exists.

In Hollywood, it's hard to talk about fairness. Asian character roles are rare, sometimes they are not even shown for Asians. The popular movie Breakfast At Tiffany's features a Japanese character Yunioshi, played by the American Mickey Rooney, pale skinned. Blue-eyed, blonde Emma Stone also exclaims that she is "of Chinese origin" with the character Allison Ng of the movie Aloha. The most recent controversy, we have talented actress Tilda Swinton playing Senior Venerable Sun An - a character (should have) of Tibetan origin in Doctor Strange. However, it seems that the chess board is rotating.

"Yellow face" is a term referring to the above cases, when a white actor portrays a yellow character. Biola University Sociology professor Nancy Wang Yuen said, "They often make their eyes narrow with makeup. They do it to make the character a joke, to make the Chinese or Asian look cunning," he said. "That expression creates the stereotypes that are widely available in society. "

The story of Asians appearing stereotyped in American movies is no longer something new. Actor Randall Park - one of Hollywood's rare Asian successes - has had to play a face-to-face doctor throughout his career, including films like Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Bold and the Beautiful. "Such roles can't be called condemned or anything, but when you look back and realize how many doctors you've played, you think, OK, that's how they see us."

The Asians tried to regain the right to tell their stories

Long ago, international audiences had admired with names from Asian movies like The Last Emperor - the film won the Oscar based on Chinese history. But that great success did not become a definitive goal for a community. Also since then, the presence of Asian people and talent has become quiet again, as if we have just passed through a deadly silence of equality in cinema.

In the past few years, the fight for ethnic equality rights has become more intense than ever, especially in Western countries where many people of color from ethnic minorities are still being examined for look full of prejudice and disrespect. These powerful voices of support created the impetus and pressure for Hollywood - which has always been the leader - to change before it became old, outdated and toxic. Movies like Get Out or Black Panther also contribute to pushing the heavy door, opening the thought that blockbusters do not need whites to be successful. Talking about the Asian community, it can be seen that opportunities are beginning to emerge. This also makes many people change their perspectives, ready to welcome new winds and new talents.

Most surprisingly, it was the glorious and convincing victory of Parasite - the blockbuster of Korea at the last Oscar season, which made the whole world surprised by the unprecedented. Parasite is like a solid affirmation of the presence, the prosperity of a cinema as well as Asian talents.

Fresh Off The Boat - humorous sitcom of ABC channel about an American immigrant family from China when it opened, attracted a lot of attention. Although considered to have attractive content, most people believe that this series will be very "picky" and only Asians will like to watch, thus concluding Fresh Off The Boat will be "premature" soon never mind. Contrary to that conjecture, the film has had a brilliant 6 years with 6 lengthy film seasons, receiving many valuable nominations and awards.

In 2018 and 2019, world audiences will be seeing very different angles of Asia in Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell. Crazy Rich Asians has achieved great success globally, and The Farewell can also boast of winning countless big and small awards (including 1 Golden Globe) and grossing $ 22.5 million in capital. meager only 3 million dollars. Overcome, A24 - the producer of The Farewell has also made the latest work about a Korean immigrant family named Minari, has won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival and is expected to debut during the next period.