Seo Ye Ji boasted her fairy tale visual in Cosmopolitan Korea pictorials, sharing thoughts about her recent drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay‘ final scenes and giving heartwarming messages to herself at the age of 20.


The actress revealed her fantasy beauty in a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere in a pictorial with a global perfume brand. When asked about her favorite scent, she said, “I prefer a light and natural scent like a flower or soap scent rather than a headache or a strong scent.”

She also shared her thoughts, “I’ve never been able to watch the drama because of filming, but I watched the last episode at home. Rather than monitoring my acting, I looked at it from the perspective of the viewers, and I felt so warm-hearted because it seemed to show the healing of the wound after a long time”.


Seo Ye Ji, who joined the cover to celebrate Cosmopolitan‘s 20th anniversary, said she wanted to tell herself when she was 20 years old with three words: “Don’t be hurt, overcome, pretty.

When being asked about the future plans, she answered, “There are no special plans. Normally, even when I’m at home, I constantly think about something, do character research, or do hobby activities, but this time I’m trying to take a break while putting me down. As I spent a lot of time while filming the drama, I will spend the rest of the time relaxing. First of all, getting a good night’s sleep at home is the top priority. Then the future plans will also be drawn, right?”

Stay tuned and wait for futher photoshoots of Seo Ye Ji on Cosmopolitan issue.