Start Up: Suzy Acting Got Improved

Start Up: Suzy Acting Got Improved

Start Up has an impressive start with the interesting content and the overwhelming chemical reaction between Suzy and t...

Start Up has an impressive start with the interesting content and the overwhelming chemical reaction between Suzy and the man.

Since before its broadcast, Start Up has received a lot of attention from the audience, constantly being mentioned on social networking sites. And as expected by the audience, episode 1 of the series received countless positive responses with an average rating of 4.378%. How can Start Up dismiss the doubts for such a good start? And what would be the gaps that could prevent this work from succeeding? Let's try it out.

Good stories are conveyed in a reasonable way


As was introduced before, Start Up is the startup story of Seo Dal Mi (Suzy) as well as young people at Sand Box - which is known as "the Silicon Valley of Korea". Entrepreneurship has been a favorite topic for many Korean audiences in particular and Asia in general for so long. Until early 2020, it still hasn't cooled down with the most obvious evidence of the success of the Itaewon Class. But also, if exploited inappropriately, works under this genre will be extremely cliché and boring. And luckily, Start Up has an impressive and exciting start.

The film of course still focuses on the career path of young characters. In addition, the film's sub-story lines are stories surrounding friendship, love and family. This is a very familiar direction. But the other thing about Start Up is that the film exploits many new details, about siblings fighting each other to start a business, or the complicated but also very romantic "mail friend" relationship. The tempo of the film is also moderate, when the climax is needed, when it is necessary to be sweet to neutralize, to love to comfort, the audience will immediately have a sweet basket or warm grandmother love. This reasonable regulation must give a compliment to the screenwriter and the crew, because it is thanks to them that Start Up becomes an attractive work.

Suzy and the supporting actor are really amazing!


If in the past, Suzy was doubted about her acting ability, at Start Up, the audience will be surprised by her progress. Playing a bright, cheerful and energetic girl, all actions of Suzy show her character in a very natural way. However, not only that, the actress - singer also affirmed her talent in scenes expressing complex emotions such as pain, despair. Her performance as Dal Mi was surprisingly impressive.

In the first episodes, Suzy's support for her was the supporting couple Kim Seon Ho and Kang Han Na. While Kang Han Na clearly shows a luxurious temperament, bossy but hurt inside, Kim Seon Ho is a guy "cold and hot" in a lovely standard. In particular, although they have not met many times in person, Suzy and Kim Seon Ho's chemistry is so good that the audience has to get rid of the male lead Nam Joo Hyuk to push the boat for the man.

Referring to Nam Joo Hyuk, we cannot help but admit that, up to now, he is the biggest flaw in the film. Having appeared late, the actor was immediately criticized for his unnatural acting, stiff, inflexible expression. It can be said that, compared to what has been shown in the past, our male god has not improved. If he continues to maintain such a form, Nam Joo Hyuk will surely become the black hole of Start Up!

After Psycho But It's Okay, Korean screens have another shimmering movie


Along with the race to bring movie-quality movies to small-screen audiences, Start Up owns countless beautiful and sparkling scenes, not inferior to his brother, Crazy. each brought to the audience. Combined with lush green beauties like Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Han Na and Kim Seon Ho, the beautiful frame is even more beautiful. Even when going back to the past, the appearance of Little Nam Joo Hyuk also brightens the screen. Even some scenes with the appearance of cherry blossoms also make the audience feel like they are watching Japanese anime, feeling everything is as perfect as a painting. So, if you want to find a movie to see to satisfy your eyes, just try Start Up. The results will not disappoint you.