Kang Daniel has introduced a new collaboration product with global sports brand PUMA: The ‘RS 2.0’ shoes.


“On August 7, we will release ‘RS 2.0’, our second collaboration sneakers with brand ambassador Kang Daniel,” Puma said.

Based on the innovative cushion technology of Puma’s flagship shoe line RS (Running System), ‘RS 2.0’ has been reborn as a future-oriented and sophisticated pair of shoes.


The design has reflective point details that shine in the dark. There are two colors, black and white, which can be worn on a daily basis.

It also has a logo symbolizing the collaboration between Puma and Kang Daniel. In particular, Kang Daniel’s birthday and solo debut date were imprinted on the label, adding to the uniqueness of the sneakers.


The ‘RS 2.0’ campaign message is also impressive. With “You and Me shining like the Moon”, it highlights the special bond between Kang Daniel and his fans.

“We hope that you will always shine brightly like the moonlight that shines silently in the dark,” an official said.


The brand also prepared a special event with limited goods to commemorate the launch of ‘RS 2.0’. The event will run for four weeks from August 7 to September 4.

On the other hand, ‘RS 2.0’ will be available at the Puma online store, national stores, and some shops in South Korea (ABC Mart, JD Sports, Folders, Schumaker, S-Market, Multi-Way Concept, W Concept, Tom Greyhound, ATMOS, etc.) starting August 7.