Gugudan MINA (Kang Mina) has launched a photoshoot with a black hole-like charm that is getting more and more attractive.


Mina showcased her limitless ability to digest concepts by capturing her innocent charm to seductive elegance through the September issue of Noblesse MEN.

In the posted photoshoot, she created a different mood with her innocent and clean makeup and hairstyle. The blue colored dress and the unique filming technique that seemed to be in the water reminded me of the Little Mermaid, while another image gave off an unmatched aura with an off the shoulder dress and a chic look.


In particular, her unique clear image and clean skin overwhelmed her eyes, making viewers fall in love.

It is rumored that Mina, who perfectly assimilated such a colorful concept, perfectly assimilated the pictorial with restrained eyes, facial expressions, and gestures, attracting admiration from the staff.


Meanwhile, Gugudan Mina has been making various moves since her debut as a member of the girl group Gugudan in 2016, including not only music activities but also drama, MC activities from the broadcast show, participation in OST, and being selected as a beauty model. , fashion. , and food. Photos and interviews of Mina as a black hole are available in the September issue of Noblesse MEN.