Girls’ Generation Taeyeon has updated some of her new photos on Instagram account and showed off her visual like a baby as the age of 32.


The released photo shows Taeyeon wearing a white T-shirt with half-up hair and showing off her fair skin than her clothes. In particular, the singer, who dyed her hair black, boasted a younger visual, and netizens expressed envy over her, who was born in 1989 and turned 32 this year, saying, “Who would see Taeyeon in her 30s?“, “Her visual is unbelievable“, “I am shocking“, “Is she at the age of 32, I don’t think so“, and more..


In addition, Taeyeon, who recently celebrated the 13th anniversary of Girls’ Generation’s debut, continued to admire that she had a unique class that overwhelmed idol groups these days.


Girls’ Generation Taeyeon released her new song ‘Happy‘ in May and received much love. In addition, she has shown off her lovely to cutthroat pretty in the cosmetic pictorial of 1st Look magazine.