TaeYeon (Girls’ Generation) has shown off the lovely to cutthroat pretty for a gorgeous beauty and cosmetic pictorial for the September issue of ‘1st Look‘!


The particular pictorial took place with the theme of a stay-at-home makeup party, starting with a fresh and clean-cut right out of the shower. After some basic skincare, Taeyeon then tries out a vibrant, pink and retro makeup look, before also going bold with a fierce, cutthroat look with dramatic accents.


During her interview, Taeyeon dished on her personal morning routine at home! She said, “I go to sleep around 1 AM, and when it gets to be around 6 AM I automatically wake up. First thing, I take my vitamins, and then my day begins once I drink a cup of coffee. I also make sure to watch the morning news. Actually I only figured out my own morning routine recently.”


When asked about the most important part of makeup, she picked skin expression. “I don’t cover my flawless skin with makeup, but I try to make my skin look flawless. My favorite look today was a browcara makeup that was colored with the texture of my eyebrows. I definitely felt that the eyebrow, the roof of my face, was important. I was so happy to have a new buccaneer today, thanks to you”.

More diverse pictorials and interviews with Taeyeon as the muse of Apeu Cosmetics will be available in the magazine First Look No. 202 published on the 20th.