Actor Jung Kyung Ho revealed a photo celebrating the birthday of his girlfriend’s pet dog named Sooyoung.


On April 18, Jung Kyung Ho posted on his personal Instagram a photo with the caption: “Wow“. In the cake in the photo, the decoration that simulates the shapes of his pet Ho Young and Ae Bong drew attention.


In particular, there is a caption written on the cake: “Hoyoung ♥ AeBong ♥ Let’s be together for a long time”. It seems to show affection for the dog along with his girlfriend.


Previously, the actor caused jealousy when revealing that his pet dog Ho Young was named after “Ho” in his name and “Young” in Sooyoung’s name.


Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung started dating in September 2012 and have reincarnated as the 9th longtime couple this year. The two continue to show affection for each other and are ranked as the representative couple in the entertainment world.