In the recently released documentary about BLACKPINK, Jisoo revealed that she was criticized by her relatives when she was a child.


Jisoo is not only the visual of BLACKPINK, but also one of the top visuals of K-Pop gen 3. The female idol possesses a natural, gentle and beautiful face. When it comes to Jisoo, very few people can find a flaw in the female idol’s appearance. Not only her, even Jisoo’s family members such as her older brother and sister have outstanding looks.

It is difficult to speak ill of Jisoo’s visual, so many people were surprised to hear BLACKPINK’s oldest member sharing that she had been 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲-𝐬𝐑𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐝 by her relatives in the past. In the documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light up the Sky’, which was aired on Netflix yesterday (October 14), the scene of Jisoo talking with Maeng (the group’s makeup artist) made many fans sad.

While wearing makeup, Jisoo shared with Maeng: “When I was a child, my relatives treated me like an outcast because I was ugly. They called me a monkey.”


When hearing these words, BLINKs were heartbroken when they knew that her loved ones once look down on Jisoo’s look. The makeup artist then said encouraging words to Jisoo, “It’s okay. You’re the prettiest one now.” And hearing this encouragement, the idol smiled.


In addition, the documentary also revealed 2 childhood photos of Jisoo. It can be seen that the female idol looked so adorable and especially had a bright smile just like the present. However, perhaps because of the excessive disdain by her relatives, she became less confident. Once she shared that she was the ugliest and the shortest in the family.


Many fans posted encouraging words when they learned what their idol had to endure as a little girl. They think that those relatives must be feeling very embarrassed when Jisoo has become a famous idol with a radiant visual and recognized by many people, and even invited by various luxury brands.


What do you think about Jisoo’s sharing?