BLACKPINK Documentary And Chance For A Sequel - Not Impossible At All

BLACKPINK Documentary And Chance For A Sequel - Not Impossible At All

Following the drop of BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary, "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky", the director of the documentary,...

Following the drop of BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary, "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky", the director of the documentary, Caroline Suh, had an exclusive interview with E! Online, in which she reveals more details about the filming and the chances of a sequel.


In the interview, she revealed the girls of BLACKPINK were very open and candid. Though the girls had a ton of media training, thanks to lessons they received from YG Entertainment, this was the first time BLACKPINKwas filmed in such a style. Because if felt different to them, they were much more open than other celebrities.


Caroline Suh also revealed that most entertainment companies are controlling, but YG Entertainment was not like that for the documentary. In fact, whenever they would request something for the filming, it was not YG Entertainment with the final call.

Instead, they would tell them to ask the member of BLACKPINK themselves and see if they are okay with that. She revealed the company took a step back to allow the girls to be in the center.

Suh went on to say that the girls of BLACKPINK really wanted everything to be real. The girls themselves really wanted the crew to film them doing what they actually do, to film and allow the fans to see what they truly do in their downtime. The girls of BLACKPINK wanted to be filmed in ways that are different from how they are normally seen.


That is why, in the documentary, there are lots of scenes of them pursuing their interests and having some quiet times, speaking together as four intimately.

Caroline Suh went on to say that the most surprising thing she learned about the girls is how dedicated they are to their careers. "They all have a certain amount of inner steeliness and strength to get them where they are," she says.

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She goes on to say that BLACKPINK was not just cast into their roles and became overnight sensations. They trained four years and spent a lot of time working to the level of fame they have now, and the girls do not take that for granted.


In the interview, it was noted that Jennie is heard saying that this is "just the beginning" for BLACKPINK, and asked Caroline Suh if they ever saw herself doing a sequel documentary. The director answered yes, she would love to. She revealed that whenever she asked BLACKPINK what they thought about their success, the girls would say humbly say that they were just in the middle of it.

"Kind of in a very wide-eyed way," she clarified. Jennie is right, they are just at the beginning. "So, it would be interesting to see what happens next."


On October 14, Netflix dropped the "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky" documentary. The documentary goes in-depth with their trainee lives, the pros and cons of being an internationally famous K-pop girl group, their home lives, and more. The girls of BLACKPINK also go into detail about their relationship with the girls, their recording process, and their thoughts behind the 2019 Coachella performance.

The documentary also has honest interviews, where the girls get raw and personal about their thoughts on fame and the success they have acquired throughout the four years as a group.

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