2020 seems to be the most productive year of BLACKPINK since debut because they finally have their own full album with 8 songs, 1 opening and and 2 collaborations with Selena Gomez and Cardi B. Along with their live stages to promote “Lovesick girls” – the title track and “Pretty Savage” – their b-side songs.


What a busy schedule for BLACKPINK in this year, not to mention about the variety shows that the girls will attend. Of course, this is a huge happiness for Blinks from all over the world but their health is what fans are worried than ever.

In “Lovesick Girls” dance practice video YG released on October 8, BLACKPINK showcased their new choreography for this pop song. However this time, the dance movements are extremely complicated and exhausted because it consists of lots of changes in positions. The girls continuously moved from this side to the other while maintaining the hand and leg dance steps.

That’s why after this dance practice was out, many have worried about how BLACKPINK could perform this song perfectly while still slaying the vocals at the same time. It is deniable that BLACKPINK’s singing skills are no longer a question because all 4 members could sing completely like the audio. But this exhausting dance maybe quite hard for the girls.

Blinks have pointed out that in the video, Rosé has injured her arm with a big aid the wound. She seemed to hide the wound but her oversized coat kept falling down and revealed the aid.


Another wound was pointed out was on the main vocal’s wrist.


Not only Rosé but Jennie was another member to have injured quite a lot.

When BLACKPINK performed the b-side song Pretty Savage at the Inkigayo music show on October 11, because Jennie was wearing a short skirt, fans realized that her left ankle was covered with a bandage. It seems that the female idol was injured, but Jennie still performed extremely professionally.


Notably, when making a comeback with How You Like That in June, Jennie also injured her left ankle. She slipped, resulting in ankle injuries and ligaments. Therefore, many people guessed that Jennie’s old wound was recurring because of the hard training for the latest comeback.


This year, BLACKPINK comes back 3 times with close time, they also released the first complete album in their career. To keep up with the progress, the 4 girls must have had to practice a lot, so the group’s choreography still has many complicated movements.

It is obvious that injury is difficult to avoid for professional singers, but fans are still very worried and sad when they see the members suffer. Fans hope that Jennie and Rosé soon recover, without getting any more injuries. In addition, they also hope that YG arranges for the group to rest fully and not be overly stressed due to the busy schedule.