The K-Pop industry has a lot of beautiful female idols, but not all of them give off a sense of luxury, a thing you often see in rich girls in movies. Korean netizens recently listed 4 female idols with such a luxurious aura. And there is clearly a reason why these idols are splendid in everything they do. Well, they were born rich and are still rich, literally.

Lia (ITZY)

A fairly famous story about Lia that occurred before her debut was about a question posed on, asking ITZY‘s lead vocalist which university she wanted to attend. Lia replied that she was considering choosing between going to a university in the US or UK. With the freedom to choose between two leading developed countries in the world, it is clear that Lia has a very wealthy life.


In fact, before she started her trainee life, Lia attended a British international school called North London Collegiate School Jeju. Because of its quality and expensive facilities, the average tuition of this school is 60 million won per year.


Minnie ((G)I-DLE)

Since Minnie‘s debut, many rumors about her super rich family in Thailand have been circulating on the Internet. The main vocalist of (G)I-DLE is said to be born into a Thai Chinese family belonging to the Haissot class (the most upper class in Thai society). Her grandfather runs a luxury resort, her father is the chairman of YMCA Bangkok Group with more than 125 subsidiaries. In addition, Minnie’s uncle is one of the most famous musicians in Thailand, while his wife is the niece of the last king in northern Thailand.


Minnie herself, before coming to South Korea to pursue her dream, also attended a prestigious school built by the King of Thailand right in the royal campus with the goal of training talented, beautiful and elegant girls. Her family’s fortune is estimated to be worth 10 billion USD.


Mina (TWICE)

Mina’s background has long been a very popular thing in TWICE‘s fan community. Her father is Akira Myoui, a professor of orthopedics at Osaka Hospital. In addition, he is also a veteran member of an orthopedic association in the United States.


Although her parents are Japanese, Mina was born in America, and she spent 11 years studying ballet before being cast by JYP Entertainment while shopping with her mother. In addition, Mina also attended a prestigious preparatory school in Japan for girls.



Although there has been no official information about Jennie’s parents, the BLACKPINK member’s rich background is something that K-Pop fans have known for a long time. Jennie was born and raised in Chungdam-dong, one of the most expensive areas to live in Seoul. She also had some time studying abroad in New Zealand.


In many photos circulated online, Jennie was seen sitting in her family’s private Porsche, and at the same time carrying high-class handbags even before debuting with BLACKPINK.


Both the family wealth and the rich aura of the 4 female idols mentioned above have made many Korean netizens surprised. Many people admire the girls for choosing the harsh trainee life to pursue their own passion.

Some comments from Knet:

  • “All 4 are the daughters of wealthy families …”
  • “Looking at Lia, you can see her radiating a high-class aura… Mina and Jennie have slightly different vibes but both are like princesses.”
  • “The first time I saw Mina, I gasped, she gives off a very luxurious feels…”
  • “Mina is like a real-life princess.”
  • “I’m not very clear about Minnie, but the other 3 really exude a rich aura.”
  • “I was really shocked when I read the article about Minnie’s family in Thailand…”
  • “Wow! Lia’s face… The first time I saw her I thought she was a daughter of the president of a large corporation.”
  • “Jennie and Lia… Well, you can tell me they are the daughters of the Samsung family and I will still believe you.”
  • “Mina’s aura is really amazing. It feels like she’s from a royal family.”