Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 9′ released a new trailer that raised fans’ expectations ahead of its first broadcast.


The trailer released this time draws attention as it shows idol rappers joining the show, including Wooseok of boy group Pentagon, Bbaek Ga, a member of the co-ed group Koyote, and Swings, whose status has changed from producer to participant. In particular, the tearful Bbaek Ga and producer Zion.T’s rustic comments asking, “Are you going to keep rapping?” create tension even before the show begins. In addition, Swings’ inability to speak during the interview added to the curiosity about the show.

Like the other seasons of ‘Show Me the Money’, this season presents a number of underground masters of the hip-hop scene, as well as South Korea’s leading talents such as Dynamic Duo, BewhY, Zion. Giriboy, Code Kunst, Paloalto, Judith, and GroovyRoom. They participated as producers to excite viewers who have been waiting for the 9th season.

‘Show Me The Money 9’ will give the winner the title of ‘YOUNG BOSS’ this season and at the same time support them a the super-luxury music business plan so that the winning rapper can continue various music activities for a year, including 100 million won in prize money. The show, which has become the talk of the town with the highest competition rate ever, will premiere this Friday at 11 PM KST on October 16.