Han Seung Woo, who recently made a successful solo debut, is coming as the highlight of the music show ‘Sing and Stay 2’. The idol plans to unveil a high-quality performance featuring unique grooves and behind-the-scenes stories of his first album, which he participated in writing lyrics for all of the songs.


Earlier, Han Seung Woo, who showed his unexpected friendship with MC Kim Jae Hwan through soccer, expressed his willingness to participate in the program by saying, “I really wanted to appear on the show.”

‘Sing and Stay 2’ will be broadcast live on KT Seezn at 9 PM on August 17 and will be released on the Lifetime YouTube channel at 8 PM on August 31.

In the upcoming episode, Han Seung Woo will perform the title track ‘Sacrifice’ from his first solo album ‘Fame’. The singer wants to complete a high-quality stage that is filled with his charming vocals and eye-catching performance. In particular, Han Seung Woo expressed his ambition to pass on his own sexy charisma secrets to MC Kim Jae Hwan, drawing more expectations.


Behind-the-scenes stories of his first solo album will also be revealed. Han Seung Woo, the first solo artist from VICTON, plans to unravel the musical worries, processes and interesting lyrics behind his first album.

Meanwhile, ‘Sing and Stay’ Season 2, which received positive reviews each time MC Kim Jae Hwan and guests captured the eyes and ears of viewers with in-depth musical conversations and high-quality performances, will wrap up season 2 with Han Seung Woo episode.