The new SBS’s variety show, “Telegna” shows off its “good PPL effect”.

The first PPL entertainment program aired the first episode on March 25 in South Korea brought joy to the audience with the new ideal that PPL can bring funny stories to the audience. The show held an interesting PPL match for members Yoo Se Yoon, Yang Se Hyung, Jang Do Yeon, Kim Dong Hyun, Song Ga In, Kim Jae Hwan.


In the first episode, the six members received the PPL missions of the products they selected. They made a big laugh to the audience when they came up with unusual PPL methods to get a model fee to donate. Among them, singer Kim Jae Hwan participated in the PPL for “Nonsan Strawberry” and challenged the mission of picking 100 strawberry seeds. Kim Jae Hwan struggled with veteran members on variety shows, but it was a pity when he was last on the show. On the contrary, after the broadcast, Kim Jae Hwan’s PPL product temporarily broke the record of sold out. Recently, all economic activities have been narrowed due to COVID-19 and local farmers also have difficulties, so the sale of Nonsan strawberries is very encouraging.

In addition, along with Jang Do Yeon’s victory – helped start a good PPL wave when her name appeared with search keywords related to “Telegna”. PD Kim Jung Wook said that the crew were really happy to see the good influence of the PPL that “Telegna” pursued. “In episode 2, we will be able to bring a stronger smile along with the products that need to be promoted.”

Episode 2 of the variety show “Telegna” will air at 9 pm on May 2.