Actor Park Geun Hyung, singers Crush, Loco, and comedian Park Hee Soon are set to make their guest appearance on MBC’s variety show ‘Radio Star‘.

Park Geun Hyung, Crush, Loco, and Park Hee Soon (from left to right)

According to a report by SpotvNews, Park Geun Hyung, Crush, Loco, and Park Hee Soon will participate in the recording of MBC’s entertainment show ‘Radio Star’ on October 7.

Veteran actor Park Geun Hyung, who are among the most well-known actors in South Korea, will make his first appearance in ‘Radio Star.’ Park Geun Hyung is loved by viewers of all generations for his warm and friendly character in entertainment shows such as ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, as well as his heavy acting. He is expected to show a surprising talk on ‘Radio Star’.

The appearance of Crush and Loco is also a much-anticipated point. Crush, who has played as a ‘voice genius’ and ‘entertainment sprout’ in various entertainment shows such as ‘Begin Again Korea 2020‘ and ‘Telegna’, will return to ‘Radio Star’ about two years after his first appearance and once again show his sense of humor which many MCs admire.

Loco will appear on a entertainment show for the first time after being discharged from the military. So it is expected that he will honestly unveil the various stories during his serving as a conscripted policeman.

Meanwhile, comedian Park Hee Soon chose ‘Radio Star’ as his first entertainment show since his wedding announcement. Park Hee Soon, who will get married in November, is drawing keen attention as he plans to reveal his love story and the story of the bride-to-be.

The ‘Radio Star’ episode starring Park Geun Hyung, Crush, Loco and Park He Soon is set to air sometime in October. The exact date is yet to be known.