This year, BLACKPINK is extremely productive, but their attraction is reduced compared to when fans are”hungry” for their new music.

Previously, BLACKPINK fans used to put pressure on YG to make their comeback more after seeing that they had too little music activities, the number of songs counted on their fingers because each year only indicated an album or single. So in 2020, fans have been satisfied when BLACKPINK makes a 3 comeback in June, August and 10. They even released their first full album in their career called THE ALBUM.


Comeback 3 times but the performances are falling behind, the opening song is their biggest song?

When BLACKPINK made a comeback for the MV Lovesick Girls – the title song of THE ALBUM album on October 2, the 4 girls faced an alarming step back on YouTube even though this is an area they “dominate”. After 24 hours of airing, the show views of the MV Lovesick Girls only reached 58.4 million, the likes were 5.5 million.

Comparing the common ground for Kpop groups, the views of Lovesick Girls MV are still high, but low for BLACKPINK. They could not break the record of female artists with the most views in the first 24 hours by themselves with MV How You Like That (6/2020), even the number above is lower than the MV Ice Cream when calculated in similar time.

The digital achievements of the song “Lovesick Girls” are relatively good, but they do not make a breakthrough for BLACKPINK. On the Korean chart, the title song of THE ALBUM is still “blocked” by Dynamite of BTS, unable to progress to the title of All Kill (AK). This song only topped iTunes in 25 countries in the first 24 hours, despite the fan target set to 50 countries.


However, THE ALBUM still earned them the title of girl group with the # 1 iTunes in the album segment (No. 1 in 64 countries). Another bright spot is the pre-order of THE ALBUM album exceeding 1 million copies – the highest among Kpop girl groups.

This album is expected to debut at No.2 on the Billboard 200 chart. BLACKPINK’s comeback performance with the single Ice Cream in August was not much better. Despite Selena Gomez’s help, this MV only reached 79.08 million views after 24 hours of release.

The song “Ice Cream” debuted at No. 4 on the Global Spotify chart (the highest for a girl group), but made a failure in their home country of Korea. This song took many hours to reach Melon’s 24Hits chart. In the following days, Ice Cream “played the slide” steadily, bringing no significant achievements to BLACKPINK.


This is in sharp contrast to what BLACKPINK can do when releasing the song How You Like That in June. This is the opening single for BLACKPINK’s consecutive comeback series in 2020 as well as marking the return of the 4 girls after more than 1 year of absence.

Perhaps because the public and fans are too “hungry” for music, BLACKPINK’s products have been enthusiastically received from the moment it debuted. There are 1.66 million people watching live the premiere of “How You Like That” MV, which earned 86.3 million views after 24 hours.

Therefore, the record for the MV with the highest public view and the most viewed MV for the first 24 hours at that time belonged to How You Like That. Although the BLACKPINK record was later defeated by BTS, this is still the glorious achievement of the 4 YG girls in the female artist segment.


On the Korean chart, this song reached 861,978 unique listeners (paid account and only one time per month) on Melon in the first 24 hours, thereby becoming a Kpop song with a high unique listener. BLACKPINK also firmly wins the title of Perfect All Kill (PAK) with How You Like That before and after the reform of iChart chart.

The fewer comebacks, the more catchy and high-quality songs to produce?

The public has waited a long time to see BLACKPINK return with How You Like That, with the waiting effect is believed to help this song get great attention. However, the next comebacks were too close together, they did not make non-fans feel curious or expected anymore, as a result, the girls’ charm somewhat decreased.


Going back in time, the fact that the comeback times in the past shows that BLACKPINK who release music once a year is much more effective than coming back many times a year! In 2018, they only released the mini album SQUARE UP and the MV DDU-DU DDU-DU only. This MV was the turning point for BLACKPINK on YouTube when it was the music video with the highest 24-hour views in Kpop at that time (36.2 million views).

The song also quickly achieved PAK certification and set a record for the girl group’s song with the most hours of “greening” on iChart chart (93 hours). So, SQUARE UP is also the YG artist’s album with the highest first week sales of Hanteo in 2018 (102,001 copies).

In 2019, BLACKPINK only made a comeback with the mini-album Kill This Love, so they promoted exactly 2 days at home. However, the MV ” Kill This Love” helped the group set a record of the 24-hour premiere and viewing at that time. This song also entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No.41.

First week album sales of Kill This Love reached 146,094 copies, ranked 5th female artist group (girlgroup + solo) in the whole Kpop. BLACKPINK’s IN YOUR AREA tour sales to promote this album even surpassed SNSD, setting the highest record of all time with the Kpop girl group.

BLACKPINK is saturated when their comeback is “instantaneous” is one thing, they are also put in a difficult position because of changing the music. The song How You Like That was once criticized for being a color because of its slumping melody like DDU-DU’s triplets DDU-DU and Kill This Love, but it creates a distinctive, bold BLACKPINK character that is important to match the public taste. The group’s 2 songs Ice Cream and Lovesick Girls, which are somewhat gentle and different, received mixed reactions.


The single combined with Selena Gomez was criticized for being discrete, the guests were even more prominent than the owner. The song “Lovesick Girls” is said to be easy to listen to but pale compared to the b-side songs in the album, many opinions even claim that Pretty Savage deserves to be the title song because it is more catchy and explosive.


Before 2020, BLINK has sent an ultimatum to ask YG Entertainment to give BLACKPINK a comeback at least twice a year, even 5 times 7 times to rent trucks around the company’s headquarters to put pressure. However, when the fans were satisfied, BLACKPINK did not boom as expected, the single How You Like That was still the best product in 3 re-exports.


There are many reasons why BLACKPINK’s performance has steadily declined, but the biggest impact factor is still the frequency of their comeback. BLACKPINK’s products are “diluted” when they are massively released, the girls are also gradually becoming familiar, not making the public curious and attentive as it takes a long time to return to the music industry.


Other artists and groups need to play music continuously to keep the heat, but in the case of the YG girl group, it seems that one comeback every year seems more effective! Not to mention, the less they release new songs, the more fans “crave”, more motivated to give their all to support their idols.

However, no singer wants to count his music activities with his fingers. YG is completely able to give BLACKPINK a comeback twice a year to make their mark stand out more as a singer, but with the condition that each music release is 4-5 months apart. This helps BLACKPINK’s image to be regularly renewed in the eyes of the public, and the quality of their songs is also refined.