Fans Express Appreciation For YG Entertainment’s Response To Dating Rumors About Their Idols

Fans Express Appreciation For YG Entertainment’s Response To Dating Rumors About Their Idols

This should be the industry standard!

Recently, WINNER‘s Yoon was spotted with a girl who fans believe is his girlfriend, actress Moon Ji Hyo. While oftentimes dating rumors in the K-Pop industry can end up being detrimental to an idol’s career or cause chaos in the fandom, YG Entertainment is so casual about dating rumors for their idols that it seems like it should be industry standard.

Alleged photos of Yoon and Ji Hyo

Their reaction to the dating rumors about Yoon?

It is difficult to confirm the personal matters of our artists.

— YG Entertainment

This isn’t the first time they have been so professional and short about dating rumors for their idols, either. For example, the recent rumors between BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS‘s V was met with a similar response when the label was asked about it.

We have nothing to say.

— YG Entertainment

Alleged photos of Jennie and V

This has been the case for most of the dating rumors that YG Entertainment K-Pop idols have had, and fans are speaking up about their appreciation for these kinds of responses on a recent Reddit post.

Titled “I just love Yg’s response regarding dating news!”, the post was met with tons of comments that agree with the original poster’s opinions.

Some of the comments are really humorous…

Others are more serious in their appreciation for YG Entertainment’s behavior in these instances.

While YG Entertainment has denied some dating rumors in the past, it seems like those responses still had their artists’ best interests in mind.

Given how relationships between YG Entertainment artists and others seem to be the most well-received in general, maybe it’s time for other K-Pop companies to take note in how they react to their own idols’ dating rumors!

Source: Koreaboo