The 4 female idols from these 4 popular groups have in common that they all have a luxurious temperament that is true to the standard of rich kid. What is their real family status like?

For a long time, Korean netizens have selected the most luxurious female idols in Kbiz, namely Jennie (BLACKPINK), Mina (TWICE), Minnie (G) I-DLE and Lia (ITZY). 4 girls from 4 different groups but have in common is that they are classy, ​​have the aura of “rich kid”, from rich families. However, when learning about the backgrounds of these 4 female idols, people who just fell back turned out to be rich ladies with real wealth, their luxurious aura radiating from them is completely natural.



Jennie is the top beauty, always exuding a great spirit and a noble temperament. Therefore, there are many rumors about the family background of “YG princess”. Many sources said that Jennie’s mother is the director and major shareholder of South Korea’s largest media conglomerate CJ E&M, and her father owns a hospital and has relationships with many high-ranking officials.

Although she has never confirmed or denied this series of rumors, with what Jennie has, her family background is not normal. Jennie was born and raised in the most expensive rich area in Korea – Cheongdamdong, Gangnam District, Seoul. When she was only 10 years old, she went to study in New Zealand, studying at a luxury international school with tuition fees of up to 24,560 New Zealand dollars for a year.

Jennie is also proficient in horseback riding – a sport only for the rich. Right before her debut, Jennie wore designer clothes with her mother, appearing in a billion dollar Porche Cayenne supercar. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jennie is luxurious and exudes a rich kid vibe, because she is a genuine rich kid.

Mina (TWICE)


Mina has a gentle, elegant and noble appearance of a young lady from a family. Mina is Japanese but was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The father of the female idol, born in 1997, is a big name in the medical profession. He takes the role of Professor, Doctor, Specialist, Editor of Medical Journal and Director of a research center in Osaka. .

In Japan and Korea, the profession of doctors and professors is considered a noble profession with high income levels and respected by society. The TWICE member has been pursuing ballet for 11 years. Mina was found by JYP representatives when she went shopping with her mother. Growing up in a wealthy intellectual family, it’s no surprise that Mina possesses such an elegant, elegant, and noble appearance.

Minnie (G) I-DLE


The Thai member of (G) I-DLE possesses a sharp, luxurious beauty mixed with a very different fragility in Kbiz. The Cube idol is also extremely talented, knows how to play the piano, and speaks foreign language. Minnie caused a fever when her “huge” family was revealed.

Minnie was born into a tycoon family with a great influence in Thailand. The female idol’s father is the President of YMCA Bangkok Group with more than 125 branches in different countries. Minnie is a famous composer Nat Yontararak, whose wife is the granddaughter of the last king of Lanna kingdom (present-day northern Thailand).

Minnie herself attended the girls’ school built by the King of Thailand in the royal campus. Since the age of 5, Minnie has been learning the piano and playing it fluently. Born at the finish line, Minnie still came to a distant South Korea to pursue her passion to become an idol.

Lia (ITZY)


Main vocalist Lia of JYP’s “dinosaur rookie” group is one of the “rich kid” in Kbiz today. Lia is a young lady in a rich family, attends a luxurious international school with a tuition fee of 60 million won a year, and wonders if she should go to America or England to study abroad.

Ever since she was a real student, Lia has often dressed up brands and handbags worth thousands of dollars. With a unique voice and luxurious temperament, Lia was invited by both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment to be a trainee. Finally, she chose JYP and became the current ITZY member. The female idol’s luxurious and lofty aura always shines wherever she goes.