These 6 Idols Have Bravely Opened Up Struggles With Anxiety

These 6 Idols Have Bravely Opened Up Struggles With Anxiety

In a country where mental health mentions are still considered taboo, these idols decided to be honest with their fans, and courageously revealed they struggle with anxiety.

Keep on reading to see six notable idols who overcame the status quo.

1. TWICE Jeongyeon

Back in October, JYP Entertainment announced that Jeongyeon would not be participating in any promotional activity for their album "Eyes Wide Open." The company revealed that Jeongyeon was experiencing anxiety over her schedules. After discussions with Jeongyeon and the other TWICE members, the company decided that the idol needed to take a break, focus on herself, and seek professional medical help. The company states that all parties involved agreed that Jeongyeon deserves sufficient rest.

JYP Entertainment continues to uphold their beliefs that its artists' mental health is their top priority.

2. HyunA

Back on Aug. 26, HyunA appeared on MBC's "Radio Star" and spoke about why she chose to reveal that she was suffering from anxiety, depression, and panic disorder three years after being diagnosed. HyunA revealed that she has initially been hiding it for years, but an incident occurred while filming an advertisement. In the middle of filming, HyunA suddenly fell unconscious.

She revealed that when she woke back, she felt bad for the staff who had to wrap up shooting. Feeling guilty, she chose to come clean and explain her situation. She then revealed her health conditions and said that she is learning how to prioritize her health and receive treatment for her mental health.

She even gave fans a tip to manage their anxiety and panic disorder. She added whenever she feels those feelings coming in, she closes her eyes and imagines a pendulum swinging in front of her. She follows the pendulum back and forth until her mind clears up.

3. TWICE Mina

Back in July 2019, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE member Mina would be taking a break from promotional activities and the entertainment industry as a whole. At the time, most companies would provide vague statements on their artists' sudden absence and wouldn't even dark mention mental health. JYP Entertainment, however, did not refrain from revealing the reason why Mina decided to sit out of activities.

The company revealed that Mina was suffering from "sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity concerning performing on stage." Mina ended up sitting out from TWICE's 2019 "Twicelights" tour, but her members continued to mention her during their concerts.

JYP Entertainment and Mina's openness concerning her mental health has greatly reduced the stigma around mental health, anxiety, and stage fright in the industry. Nowadays, companies have become more commonplace to be honest about why their idols are taking breaking from promoting, and it all started with Mina and JYPE's honesty.

4. T-ARA Soyeon

In the first episode of MBN's "Miss Back," former T-ARA member Soyeon revealed she struggled with anxiety and depression following the group's bullying controversy. She revealed her mental health starter deteriorating following the hate she received due to the situation.

It took her years to see a doctor. When she did, she was ultimately diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She was prescribed medicine, but she eventually chose not to take medicine and used her mental strength to endure and overcome her struggles.

5. Crush

During his appearance on MBC's "I Live Alone" in 2018, Crush surprised everyone when he confessed that back in 2017, he suffered from severe and panic disorder. In 2019, it was revealed in an interview with Yonhap News that it took him three years to release his album "From Midnight to Sunrise" due to a recurring anxiety disorder that started from his breakout debut. It was revealed that his pet dog, Doyou, is what kept him strong during those difficult times.

6. TVXQ Yunho

TVXQ's Yunho's anxiety started when he drank a poisoned drink back in 2006. An anti-fan had given Yunho orange juice mixed with glue. Yunho drank it because he thought it was from a staff member and started drinking blood. He ultimately collapsed and was hospitalized for several days. The woman was part of TVXQ's anti-fans site and had decided to poison the idol. Though she ultimately surrendered herself to the police, Yunho requested no charges be made against her.

The incident caused a deep trauma for Yunho and led him to develop panic disorder and anxiety. He revealed that after the incident, he started avoiding people, and if he was in a similar place or saw a similar object, his heart started beating faster.

He revealed that to cure his trauma, he started drinking ten bottles of orange juice every day. He confessed that while doing so, his hands would shake out of nervousness, but he would ignore the shaking and just drank it. He gradually got better, and no longer feels panic when he sees orange juice.