These are the best leaders in the K-pop industry, according to fans and netizens!

In the poll organized by King Choice, a Korean survey and ranking platform, netizens selected the K-pop leaders who they think are the best “pillars” of their teams. The poll gathered more than 29 million votes, which ended on August 15.

Here are the Top 30 Best K-pop leaders among idols this 2020, selected by fans and netizens:

CORRECTION: The previous version of this article was pre-published prior to the poll deadline. We apologize for the mistake made and to the fans who worked hard on voting.

1. EXO Suho


Indeed, anyone can say that Suho, Kim Junmyeon in real life, exudes a respectable leader aura just by one look. He has been lauded by the industry, spectators, and fans for his good manners, amazing leadership (having taken care of 8 members for a decade and beyond), intelligence, and for being the softest, kindest, and most selfless leader you will ever see.

Suho is always open on showing how much he cares for his members. Suho, which actually means “guardian” in Korean, is always generous, not only to his members but as well as to the staff, and affectionate to fans, giving all his best to them when he’s the actual one who deserves the most.



Kim Namjoon, or prominently known as RM, is once again chosen by netizens as one of the best K-pop leaders in K-pop. The idol has been selected several times in the past few years because of his attitude, patience, intelligence, humility, as well as his love and care for his members. He has been a strong pillar for them who he has been with for a very long time. As a matter of fact, one member was supposed to not debut with the group but he took the matter in his own hands and managed to keep the team intact. Talk about power of love!

3. TWICE Jihyo


One of the trainees who trained for the longest time, Jihyo debuted after ten years. She was then chosen to be TWICE‘s leader. One of the most humble beings, she’s always ready to listen to her members, show them what hard work is, speak for them, and is a good role model to all.

4. ASTRO JinJin


JinJin, leader of ASTRO, is not only the older brother of the group but is also their acting father. Aside from this, he will always make them feel comfortable and join them in their pranks and jokes, but will later on discipline them. Plus, JinJin is also patient, especially to their “evil” maknae, Sanha!

5. Stray Kids BangChan


One of the most inspiring idols, BangChan, is also serving as an inspiration and motivation to his members. Most of the songs of the group were produced through the help of BangChan, and he made sure that his members will perform a song which carries meaning, and not just to impress other people or to take the spotlight.



If there’s a leader who is patient, fair and always giving unconditional love, then it is Scoups. Being a leader of 12 other members is not always an easy task, given their difference. However, SEVENTEEN created harmony and balance within them, and one of the factors of it is the leading skills of S.Coups. He is one of the most reliable leaders who are ready to accompany every member in their difficult times.

S.Coups celebrated his birthday on August 8.

7. GOT7 JB


Not only Ahgases say that JB is one of the best leaders, but even non-K-pop fans! He’s caring, humble, responsible, ultra-talented, and so attractive. One may think he seems aloof, but in actuality, he pays attention to everything and everyone, even the smallest details. Though low-key and discreet at most times, he tries his best – always! – to make each of his members feel important, and he makes sure that no one gets left behind.

Perhaps, one thing that Ahgases don’t like about him is that he tends to undersell himself as being an amazing team leader because he’s actually outstanding!

8. TXT Soobin


Soobin initially refused to become TXT leader, but he is indeed destined to be one. The male idol then learns to be responsible for his members, and not shy to show his affection towards them. He is not the kind of leader who will make you do this and that, but rather support and be the members’ shoulder. 

9. SHINee Onew


Lee Jinki, or also known as Onew, is chosen as well as one of K-pop’s best leaders. The group already experienced one of the most unfortunate events that anyone would experience, and that is losing a member, but they decided to stay together. In addition to this, SHINee is one of the groups with little to no controversy, proving that Onew is setting an excellent example to his members.

10. CLC Seungyeon


Seungyeon is originally not the leader of CLC, but due to some changes, she replaced Seunghee to lead the team. Though there are few netizens who are against the changes, she proved that she would really do good.

CLC recently announced they will make their comeback in September.

Here are the best leaders from rank 11 to 30:

11. NCT Taeyong

12. MONSTA X Shownu

13. Pentagon Hui

14. TVXQ Yunho

15. GFRIEND Sowon

16. WINNER Yoon

17. MAMAMOO Solar

18. Super Junior Leeteuk


20. ITZY Yeji

21. ATEEZ Hongjoong

22. SF9 Youngbin

23. Red Velvet Irene

24. (G)I-DLE Soyeon


26. MOMOLAND Hyebin

27. Apink Chorong

28. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

29. IZONE Eunbi

30. Oh My Girl Hyojung 

Who’s the best K-pop leader for you?