Times When K-Pop Idols Savagely Dissed MNET

Times When K-Pop Idols Savagely Dissed MNET

K-pop idols' steps and moves are always being watched, may it be by fans and the media, that's why they have to be extra careful. One wrong move or mistake on their decisions or words might create unwanted dramas and controversies. However, these K-pop idols proved their savageness and dissed one of the largest music channels, MNET!

The following idols expressed their feelings towards MNET through raps and interviews, and their savagery will shock you!

1. BIG BANG G-Dragon

The King of K-pop is proving his title with his "King" attitude as well! One of the most jaw-dropping during MNET Asian Music Awards 2014, was when G-Dragon Diss the awarding show while performing their song, "Good Boy" feat Taeyang.

In the video, the K-pop icon appeared on the stage wearing his feather coat and started the performance with a rap.

The lyrics then go, "It's been a while, MAMA seems like you are giving out big awards, they are giving out so nicely so there won't be a fight. I'm big enough that I'm full just by looking at it, so give the kids some food."

The idol's rap focused on how MAMA allegedly focused on giving out awards to avoid offending other invited groups, rather than their talents.

2. EXO Chanyeol

On an episode of MNET's show, "Unpretty Rapstar 2" way back 2015, Chanyeol makes everyone go, "oops" when the idol wrote lyrics shading MNET.

Chanyeol along with singer-rapper Heize, performed, "Don't Make Money," and upon hearing the male idol's rap lyrics, netizens were shocked with his savageness.

His lyrics go like this, "I'm EXO, I represent Korea, [...] My popularity is higher than MNET."

3. Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon

The "Dancing Queen" of SNSD and of K-pop Hyoyeon excite the whole music industry, following her return and appearance to MNET's show, "Good Girl." Her iconic dancing prowess and unchanging talent brought spice to the show, along with other participant idols.


However, Hyoyeon, even with SNSD is never afraid to speak up and free everything in her mind through her words.

In the show, when MNET told them that only one person can have the flex money that they won, Hyoyeon murmured, "As expected, these MNET's production team is j*rk," followed by a burst of laughter pertaining that she's only teasing them.

4. BIG BANG Daesung

While showing some behind the scenes and preparation backstage for MAMA, Daesung exposed the long allegation of "devil editing" that happens a lot in the music channel's shows.

In the video, Taeyang appeared and said, "This shouldn't be aired though, don't air this!" after saying something about V.I (Seungri).


Though the camera crew says, "okay," savage Daesung appeared while smiling and said, "I feel nervous, MNET would air everything just to stir up headlines. MNET is called, "The Devil of Editing." That's why I never say anything during MNET, I only use sign language."