Eunji from Apink, Standing Egg, and Chanyeol from EXO will join hands in a collaboration song for the next OST of webtoon ‘She’s My Type’.


On September 18, TOON STUDIO said, “Jung Eunji, Standing Egg, and Chanyeol have been selected as singers for ‘She’s My Type’.”

Starting with Sandeul’s ‘Slightly Tipsy’, other OSTs of the webtoon including and GRAY’s ‘Stay The Night’ (Feat.DeVita) and Kyuhyun’s ‘The Moment My Heart Flinched’ were released, ranking high on the real-time charts of major online music sites.

In addition, the fourth OST ‘All Night Long’ by Car, The Garden, ‘Sweet Love’ by Crush, and ‘Have A Goodnight’ by MONSTA X Shownu and Minhyuk were released later as the webtoon progresses.

Now, the main vocalist of the 10-year-old K-Pop girl group Apink, Jung Eunji, the band Standing Egg, which has occupied the indie music world with unrivaled sensibility, and Chanyeol of EXO, who is gaining global popularity as part of the best K-Pop duo, will beautifully further increase the immersion of readers of ‘She’s My Type’.

An official at TOON STUDIO said, “The lineup of collaboration singers for ‘She’s My Type’ has been completed. A total of nine teams of colorful charms have been releasing their songs one after another, continuing the excitement and emotion of the webtoon. Please look forward to and love the music that will be released in the future.”