THE BOYZ has won four music shows with their new song ‘The Stealer’, heralding a great era of the young boy group in the future.


On October 8, THE BOYZ topped Mnet‘s music show ‘M Countdown’ with their fifth mini-album’s title track ‘The Stealer’ for the second consecutive week, achieving their 4th trophies for this comeback.

The boys proudly won the first place with a high combined score of music albums, global fan voting, social media and Mnet broadcasting. At the same time, various search terms related to THE BOYZ have soared in SNS real-time trends, and their powerful influence has also been realized.


The members of THE BOYZ, who lifted the trophy amid enthusiastic support, expressed their gratitude to the fans, saying, “We are so happy and sincerely grateful to the staff who are working hard for us. More than anything else, we wanted to give a shout-out to our ‘The B (their official fandom name)’ on stage. Thank you for making it a reality. We will work harder in the future and repay you with good looks.”

THE BOYZ, who released their new song ‘The Stealer’ on September 21 and embarked on a massive comeback activity, not only did well on major real-time music charts in South Korea, including No. 1 on Bugs, Vibe, No.3 on Genie No. 3 and No.5 on Melon, but also showed off their global potential popularity by taking No. 1 on the iTunes Song Chart in 9 foreign countries.


Expectations are high that THE BOYZ, which has recently established themselves as a ‘Big Icon’ that the K-Pop industry is paying attention to, with their fifth mini-album ‘CHASE‘ surpassing 210,000 initial sales, will continue their limitless rise through the remaining promotion activities for ‘The Stealer’.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ will participate in the ‘2020 Asia Song Festival’, which will be held online on October 10.